The Day Our Child Was Born

The Day Our Child Was Born

Last update: 31 December, 2017

One day a pregnancy test brought the news that you had been waiting for, the first step towards your dream. You were pregnant. You got through that endless wait, dealt with the nerves, and after nine long months, the day you were waiting for finally arrived: the day your child was born. 

Maybe reality didn’t quite live up to what you’d seen in movies and novels when growing up. There were some things you didn’t expect. Perhaps things didn’t go exactly as you and your partner had planned. But what matters is that the day finally came: the day your child was born.

Love at first sight

It probably wasn’t a birth straight out of a fairytale. You didn’t look your best, and you learned what every mother does: that giving birth is one of the greatest struggles a woman must face. You battled against time and against the pain in your body.

And now all the difficulties of birth are just memories. You knew that every second of pain was worth it the moment you saw the face of your child, the fruit of your love. And in that moment, you understood what it meant to fall in love at first sight.

Your child is here! You still can’t believe it. The nurses haven’t even finished cleaning you up. But you are enchanted, observing every feature of your baby’s face.

You are captivated by the peace and tenderness of their expression. You breathe in life; you breathe out love of the most pure and sincere kind. You have gained a companion for life.

Here are your baby’s tiny, fragile hands. You touch your finger gently to their palm for them to hold. You feel the little fingers grip yours and hold on tight. As if your baby were asking you, in their own way, to take them by the hand and never let them go.

the magical day your baby was born

Your baby has the power to hypnotize you with a wave of their arms or legs. Their movements are music to your ears, even in the deepest silence. They are the first tentative stirrings of someone discovering the world around them for the first time: air, space, time, life.

Our child was born after a hard journey

Bringing your child into the world was not easy, however. It has been a difficult journey. You needed all the love and patience that your own mother could give you. You sought out all the information you could find, hungry for knowledge.

You have reorganized your home, getting rid of items not suitable for this stage, and filling it with all the things your baby needs. You and your partner have learned and grown together on the rocky road towards parenthood. And now, your child will become your teacher, guiding you as parents.

The moment has arrived to sign the first and most vital deal in the life of your child. You will change their diapers, they will change your life. These are promises to be kept strictly.

Make sure to pay attention to the fine print: with each smile, each tear, each embrace and each game you share, you will understand that now you breathe and dream for two.

the incredible day your child was born

Remembering the day our child was born

How could we forget the day our child was born? That day, hope was reborn in our hearts. Our child, from now on, meant reflection, future, learning and life.

The most wonderful thing in the world had happened. The miracle of life had manifested right in front of our eyes.

And those tears that fell down our cheeks were not tears of doubt or fear, however typical those emotions may be in first-time moms and dads. They were tears of absolute joy and satisfaction, of the birth of the purest, truest love.

What about you? What do you remember from the day your child was born? 

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