My Child Gets Bored at School: What Can I Do?

If your child gets bored at school, and you don't know what the reason could be, we'll give you some tips. These will help your children to get through this situation.
My Child Gets Bored at School: What Can I Do?
María José Roldán

Written and verified by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Many children don’t feel motivated to go to school, and this could happen for many reasons. Sometimes, they get bored, they lack interest or they find the content they learn quite difficult. However, it’s very important for them to become interested in learning if they want to succeed at school. This is why, if your children get bored at school, we’ll tell you how to help them.

Children can get bored, just as it happens to adults. This is because boredom is absolutely normal. So, don’t panic! You just need to find out why this is happening at school. Then, you must find a solution, so they start becoming interested in learning.

Sometimes it’s normal to get bored at school

It’s absolutely normal for children to get bored at school. In fact, this is something parents hear quite often. There are many reasons for their boredom, such as lack of motivation. Sometimes, this might be a temporary feeling. But, if it continues, you need to find a solution. Otherwise, children may end up rejecting school.

Boy bored at school.

You may find it complicated to know the exact reason for their state of boredom. Some parents think it’s the teacher’s fault, and others think their children are too advanced. Even though they may all be right, it’s important to consider other reasons, as well.

Possible reasons why your children get bored at school

The following are some of the possible reasons why your children might get bored at school:

Lack of motivation

Sometimes, children feel that what they learn at school isn’t important for their real lives. Therefore, learning something new doesn’t motivate them, and it becomes quite boring.

So, if they say school is boring, and they use that excuse to stop committing to it, they may end up failing. This is why they need to become engaged in class. Besides, they need to understand that the things they learn at school are important for their real lives.

There are no challenges to motivate them at school

It’s important for children to understand that no one wants to challenge them in a negative way. Furthermore, they don’t want to compare their skills with other children’s abilities. They’re the ones who should challenge themselves, in order to feel they can accomplish things without competing with their peers. This should be the real challenge.

They can’t connect with the group class

Many children who don’t feel motivated at school can’t connect with their group or class. Sometimes, they don’t connect with the teacher either. Working on this bond is essential to make them feel part of the group. Children need to feel they’re all in the same boat. 

Being part of a group (besides their own families) is the only way they’ll stop feeling alone or isolated at school. If they don’t feel this way, they won’t know who to ask for help whenever they need it. It’s very important for them to feel integrated.

Parent’s help

Isolated at school.

Of course, parents should be in charge of helping their children. In fact, the first thing they have to do is to talk to their teacher. Then, you need to find out the main reasons that make them feel that way. If you do this, you’ll know how to help them. In order to accomplish this, bear these tips in mind:

  • Make a list of questions. Ask them about what they’ve learned in class. Ask them about their teacher and classmates, too. Try to make open questions, so they won’t answer using monosyllables. As a result, you’ll find out if the main problem is the teacher, their classmates, or the content they learn.
  • Join your children and the teacher together in this learning path. If you realize this situation has been happening for a long time, you need to talk to the teacher right away. Of course, you have to talk about your children’s situation in a respectful and understanding way.

In conclusion, if you think your children get bored at school–and it’s not just a temporary thing–the best thing you can do is to find the root of the problem. Once you find it, it’s time to come up with a solution.

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