7 Phrases to Motivate Your Children at School

If you notice that your children are having a hard time going to class and don't enjoy school, here are some positive phrases you can use to motivate them.
7 Phrases to Motivate Your Children at School
Pedro González Núñez

Written and verified by the child educator Pedro González Núñez.

Last update: 10 October, 2022

Does your life resemble a disaster when Monday morning rolls around and you have to wake up the kids for school? As a teacher or parent, you may not know how to get your child or student to show real interest during class and in learning in general. But there’s a solution, don’t despair! These phrases to motivate children at school will help them discover their true passion and have a great time learning.

However, we shouldn’t expect these phrases to work as if by magic. It’s necessary to be very consistent and, above all, for the child to notice that we mean it, from the heart, with real sincerity.

It’s also important to persevere and be very patient. As we said, they won’t work on the first day. Maybe not on the second or third day either. But it’s very possible that, little by little, these sentences will make a dent in the children’s mentality, and thus, they’ll discover the real importance of making a daily effort at school.

7 Phrases to Motivate Your Children at School

Phrases to motivate children at school

The phrases mentioned below for motivating children at school prioritize the use of positive thinking. This way, we encourage children to give more of themselves, and make use of their entire potential.

Focus and perseverance

  • “Focus on what you want, you’ll see that soon your chance will come.”

This is a very interesting phrase, as it makes it easier for children to focus on the subjects that truly interest them and which they have a talent for. In addition, it helps them be persevering, patient and resilient.

Confidence in their abilities

  • “Confidence in yourself is the path to success.”

A problem that is often seen in children is that they often distrust their own abilities. That’s why we need to encourage them to believe in themselves through phrases of encouragement and positive support like this one.

Never give up to motivate your children at school

  • “Impossible is only what you never try.”

Many children have a tendency to stop doing what they perceive as difficult. As teachers and parents, instead of doing it for them, we have to encourage them, give them the necessary information. Also, be there for them, and make them feel that we trust them and their abilities to succeed.

Enjoying the day to day

  • “Maybe it’s not easy, but it’s going to be worth it.”

This manner of speaking to children reminds them that it’s not only important to accomplish their goals, but also to enjoy the journey of reaching those goals. And, even if they’re not easily attainable, they can nevertheless be obtained when you do things right, with common sense.

Don’t rule out options

  • “Only he who tries the absurd is capable of conquering the impossible.”

Many children, as well as many adults, stop doing something because they perceive it as absurd or unnecessary, a waste of time. However, if we don’t try something, no matter how ridiculous it may seem at first, how will we know that it’s not good and can’t help us achieve our goals and dreams?

Past, present and future

  • “Don’t let your past embitter you, don’t let it burden your future either. Live the present.”

Another problem that many children and teenagers, and quite a few adults as well, struggle with is thinking too much about the past and the future. It’s important to remind them that it’s the present that they live in. They can’t change the past, and only by doing well now can they enjoy a bright future, but the latter won’t come before its time.

7 Phrases to Motivate Your Children at School

Plans to motivate your children at school

  • “If it doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal.”

This is a very interesting formula to advise children not to give up. If they see that nothing goes as planned, they may easily choose to give up. However, it may be the case that they’ve only overlooked the right way to achieve their goal. That’s why we can help them keep going by looking for other methods, by challenging their imagination.

We hope you find these seven phrases to motivate your children at school useful. In this way, you’ll be able to help the little ones who need encouragement to make an effort, fulfill their dreams and develop to the fullest according to their interests and goals.

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