10 Emotional Gift Ideas for Children Under 10

Sometimes, we don't know what to give our children, because they seem to have it all. Today, we'll give you some emotional gift ideas to surprise them and make them happy.
10 Emotional Gift Ideas for Children Under 10

Last update: 29 April, 2021

We’re always looking for the perfect gift for our children. Sometimes, it becomes really hard because they seem to have it all. In addition, it’s getting more and more difficult to surprise them. This is why it’s a good idea to think of original gifts they won’t forget. In this article, we’ll give you some emotional gift ideas to surprise your children and make them happy.

Presents are good for children’s self-esteem, because they make them feel loved and special. Therefore, whenever we give a present to our children, we remind them how important they are to us. For this reason, an emotional gift will go straight to their heart, and not to the drawer where all toys and electronic devices end up.

Why are these emotional gift ideas important for your child?

When we decide to give our children an emotional gift, we take time to think, create and prepare in detail our surprise. By doing this, we teach our children that not only material things are special.

These gifts will go straight to their hearts and emotions. Besides, they’ll leave magical memories children won’t forget easily. On the contrary, material things are usually left aside and forgotten. If we take time to create something special for them, they’ll feel unique and important. 

10 Emotional Gift Ideas for Children Under 10

Emotional gift ideas for children under 10

Now let’s look at some emotional gift ideas for children under 10 years old. These presents are perfect for their birthday or whenever you want to make them feel special. Actually, that’s the main idea of a present; to surprise them whenever and wherever you may be.

A night outdoors

If you have a garden, you can prepare a special night under the stars. If you don’t have one, you can go to a campsite or the beach. You can invite family or friends, and it’ll be even more special.

A special letter to express what they mean to you

Write them a letter to let them know how proud you are of being their mom, and how thankful you are for being a part of their lives.

A story in which they’re the main characters

You can write a story including images of the whole family. Your children will be the main characters and the story will be about them. Pay attention to the details and make it pretty. We’re sure they’ll love it!

Because I love you bucket, one of the best emotional gifts for children

Find a bucket and fill it with notes saying why you love them so much. The number of notes will depend on their age. Decorate the bucket for the special occasion. For example, if it’s their birthday, decorate it in order to celebrate that special day.

Wish box to share

Find a box, decorate it and fill it with as many notes as the years they’re about to be. Each of the notes must include a wish you’d like to share with them and enjoy together.

Surprise party

You can choose any place: the beach, the park, your house. Then, decorate it with the things they like the most and make it a surprise they’ll never forget.

More emotional gift ideas for your children

10 Emotional Gift Ideas for Children Under 10

A special video with their family and friends

Make a special video for them and ask their family and friends to participate, telling them why they’re so special. Your children won’t forget this surprise and they’ll be grateful for it.

A special trip to a place they want to visit

Plan a trip to a place they want to go to. For example, you can go to a theme park, another city, a museum or somewhere in nature. Remember that a trip with the whole family is something you’ll never forget.

A letter from Sant Clause or The Three Kings

Write a letter for them pretending to be Santa Clause or The Three Kings. They’ll probably be very exited to receive a letter from them.

A video with images from the day they were born

Make a video about their lives from the day they were born. Try to include their family members and friends, as well as all the important moments of their lives. A video will be a very special, original and emotional gift for them.

About emotional gifts for children

These emotional gifts for children are a perfect idea to surprise them on a special day. By doing this, you’ll show them how much you care for them and how much you love them. As a result, they’ll feel special and happy to witness the effort you made by preparing such special gifts.



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