4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Child's Vision

Strengthening a child's vision is critical, especially in an increasingly digitized and technological world. Learn what you can do.
4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Child's Vision
Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis

Written and verified by degree in physical education and sports Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis.

Last update: 20 April, 2023

Strengthening a child’s vision is a complex task, especially nowadays. The times in which humanity finds itself, in general, are dominated by technology, which means that our eyes are exposed to many screens. Children are no exception; practically all minors have the opportunity to use some device. Of course, we’re not here to blame technological advances. However, denying their significance is a mistake.

As a mother, the goal is to control the time your child spends in front of the computer or cell phone. In addition, it’s also possible to opt for some alternatives to strengthen your child’s vision.

Is it possible to strengthen your child’s vision?

Strengthening your child’s vision is possible, however, it’s a task that must be done together with the whole family. We advise you to talk to your child and look for alternatives to keep them away from computers, televisions, cell phones, and similar devices. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t use them at all, but that they shouldn’t spend an excessive amount of time in front of them.

In order to strengthen their vision, you can implement a series of healthy exercises. In addition, according to a publication of the Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas, ophthalmologic checkups in children are very important.

Apply these exercises to strengthen your child’s vision

Human beings in general must be strengthened and their vision can’t be neglected. From childhood, this need arises and, therefore, we’ll show you some exercises that your children can practice regularly.

Children put together a jigsaw puzzle on the floor.
Assembling puzzles allows children to work on fine motor skills and helps to strengthen their vision, as it requires more effort to work in the search for the pieces.

1. Work on fine motor skills

Any activity that involves fine motor skills serves as an exercise to strengthen a child’s vision. The objective is to find or encourage a liking for activities such as putting together puzzles, among others. Fine motor skills are based on the coordination of muscle, bone, and nerve structures to carry out precise and small movements.

Usually, this type of activity requires the thumb and index finger. However, it’s important to involve each finger to improve muscle stimulation. Remember that fine motor skills also favor hand-eye coordination. Therefore, it stands out as a great exercise for your child’s eyes.

2. Follow objects with your eyes

This exercise to strengthen the eyes can be done as a family or alone with your child. It involves focusing your gaze on a specific object, which should be observed for the time indicated. The accessories should be of different sizes and colors. In addition, it’s best to show them at different distances in order to force the eyes to change their focus constantly.

To perform this exercise, you need to clarify the rules before starting. Ideally, you should create them yourself and modify them in agreement with the child. For example, you can do it as follows:

  • Throw two objects: One red and one green.
  • Give the order to follow only the red object with their eyes. The green one will serve as a distraction.

In this way, you’ll be able to perceive how the child controls and stimulates their vision. In addition, you also have the opportunity to work on their attention.

3. Read

Resorting to varied readings also stands out as a good alternative to strengthen your child’s vision. For children, it’s best to use stories or children’s fables, which are easier and more entertaining to read. Let your child start with paragraphs or short stories, which will make them improve in this habit.

At the same time, in order to turn it into an exercise to strengthen the child’s vision, you can implement some modifications. For example, have them read a line or a whole paragraph while covering their right eye. Then, have them cover their left eye and do the same. This stimulates and strengthens the child’s vision gradually.

4. Drawing and coloring

Have you noticed how much children enjoy drawing and coloring? Your child may also enjoy this type of activity. In order to strengthen vision, you can have your child color specific areas of the picture. You can also ask them to use colors according to what they’re going to paint or simply leave it to their imagination.

Drawing and coloring are excellent exercises to strengthen a child’s vision. In addition, they’re activities that little ones love.

Tips to relieve vision

In children, it’s not only about strengthening their vision but also giving their eyesight a break. Relieving the eyes is advised by most doctors specializing in the area, especially nowadays. The goal is to avoid exaggerated wear and tear on the eyes that can lead to vision impairment. According to a 2013 publication, children with visual problems tend to withdraw socially and emotionally.

Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to opt for some of these tips or recommendations:

  • Carry out activities outdoors: Natural light is good for the eyes, as long as it’s not received directly. In addition, in open spaces, the eyes have to make a greater effort due to the depth.
  • Avoid activities in dark rooms: Reading, using the computer, and using the TV in dark rooms greatly affects visual health.
  • Have proper body posture: Arching the back and carrying the head forward can affect blood circulation. Over time, blurred vision can be one of the primary effects of poor posture.

Don’t forget to strengthen your child’s vision

Children aren’t aware of the importance of their eyes, which is normal for their age. Therefore, they don’t focus on the care and strengthening of eyesight. As a mother, you must dedicate yourself to teaching the importance of the subject. At the same time, it’s your duty to encourage these types of exercises in your child and take care of their vision constantly. Last but not least, take your child to the doctor for regular eye checkups.

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