7 Tricks to Detangle Your Daughters' Hair

Don't miss these tips to help you detangle your daughters' hair so they never have to endure tugging again.
7 Tricks to Detangle Your Daughters' Hair
María José Roldán

Written and verified by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 18 January, 2023

If you have daughters with long hair, you’ll have noticed that combing and detangling it isn’t exactly a bed of roses. Especially if they have thick, dry, or curly hair. But in reality, any type of hair can be a challenge whenever you have to style a girl’s hair because the tugging hurts! In this article, we’ll present you with some tricks to detangle your daughters’ hair.

Discover these tricks to detangle your daughters’ hair

There’s no need to go through such an ordeal every morning when combing your daughters’ hair. You can turn that moment into something pleasant if you know how to detangle their hair without hurting them. This is possible and you can do it. You just need to follow the tips below.

1. Use a spray bottle

Buy a spray bottle that you can fill with plenty of power. Try never to dry-comb your daughter’s hair, especially if it’s dry or curly! With this product, you can moisten the hair, and then it’ll be much easier to detangle it, as long as you do it with the right brush. It’s important not to wet it too much, but just dampen it to make everything easier.

A black mother brushing her daughter's curly hair.
After dampening your girl’s hair with a spray bottle, you can use a special brush to detangle it.

2. Use an anti-pull brush

Anti-pull brushes are a great invention and you need to take advantage of them. Using them prevents girls from having a hard time while you’re detangling their hair. Also, if you wet the hair with a spray bottle, then detangling their hair will be much easier.

3. Don’t wash their hair too often

In addition to being able to comb with water and an anti-snag brush, it’s important that you don’t wash their hair too often during the week. Two or three times is more than enough, depending on the type of hair your daughter has. This way, you’ll prevent it from becoming brittle and, instead, it’ll be healthier and stronger.

On the other hand, if you wash it too much, it’ll be easier for the hair to break and tangle. That’s why you should take care of it but always think about doing it right. In this regard, always buy a specific shampoo for children to take care of the strands and also the scalp.

4. Don’t comb it with the shampoo on it

When your daughters’ hair has shampoo in it, you shouldn’t comb it because you can break it, besides giving it a good tugging. It’s better to wash their hair normally and, in any case, when you get out of the shower or with a moisturizing no-rinse leave-in conditioner, detangle it.

5. Apply detangler

There are plenty of children’s detangling products on the market today that can help you successfully comb your daughter’s hair. However, not all of them are suitable. You should make sure that the ingredients are natural and respectful of her scalp to avoid unnecessary irritation.

A mother putting her daughter's hair in pig tails.
When choosing a detangling product for your daughter’s hair, make sure it does not contain chemicals or other components that can cause irritation.

6. Carefully comb your daughters’ hair

To detangle your daughters’ hair carefully, it’s important to always start at the ends and work your way up. This way, the lower part will be tangle-free and the knots won’t build up and make it nearly impossible to detangle, which often happens if you start detangling from the top of the head.

In addition, you can put some pressure on the hair with your hand to avoid tugging. For example, if you comb the lower part, put your hand on top of where you start to untangle to prevent pulling and thus hurting the scalp.

7. Don’t use perfume or over-stretch the hair

In addition to all of the above, you should also remember that if you use scrunchies, the greater the better. Also, never stretch their hair too much when you want to make a ponytail or braids. At the same time, don’t spray perfume on the hair, as the alcohol dries it out and can irritate the scalp.

Share a nice moment with your daughters

With these tips, you’ll see that it’s easier to tame those seemingly impossible manes. This way, you’ll be able to give your daughters beautiful hairstyles much easier than you imagined. From now on, this can be a pleasant moment for both of you, and your little ones will love the fact that you’ve learned how to style their hair without pulling it and without hurting them. This way, everyone wins!

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