First-time Mother's Dilemma: Cesarean Or Natural Birth?

First-time Mother's Dilemma: Cesarean Or Natural Birth?

Written by Gladys González

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in the life of all women. We wake up caressing our bellies and are full of wonder throughout the whole process. But we’re also faced by the dilemma of not knowing the best way to bring our babies into the world: through natural birth or cesarean section.

It is a tough decision that we don’t take lightly. And truthfully, the advice and recommendations we receive from mothers, mother-in-laws, sisters and friends actually make matters worse.

Something as natural and necessary as giving birth becomes a dilemma which sometimes clouds the beautiful moment.

Feeling pressured and confused is practically the norm for first-time mothers nowadays, since the information that we hear and read is often contradictory.

One day your best friend recommends a cesarean section because she found it worked out well for her. Two weeks later she calls you to tell you that she met someone who had complications from the abdominal wound.

“You better evaluate that before deciding…” Then she hangs up and leaves you with more doubts than you had to begin with.

The dilemma: natural childbirth or cesarean section?

Before getting pregnant, we are often sure that we want our children to come into the world naturally through the vaginal canal.

However, when we see detailed information or uncensored videos of the process, fear sometimes takes over. This makes us change our minds and suddenly we decide to opt for a cesarean section. Hence, the dilemma begins.

This article is not intended to convince you that a cesarean section is the best method. This article is intended to expand the panorama to help you clear up any doubts you might have so you can make your own decision.

It is your body and it should be your decision. You should also take into account your obstetrician and gynecologist’s advice, in order to have the best birthing process possible.

What should we expect from a natural birth?

First-time Mother's Dilemma: Cesarean Or Natural Birth?


The doctor gives you a probable delivery date according to your last menstruation. In the end, the day might be advanced or delayed.

Long labor

Many moms are lucky to give birth quickly. They experience labor for only a few hours from their first contractions until the moment their “water breaks.” Other mothers can experience labor for up to 18 hours.

This all depends on the dilation of the cervix. It must reach 10 centimeters of dilation before birth can occur.

Some mothers become very weak after many hours of labor. If this occurs, the doctor can recommend a cesarean section in the final stretch.

Be back in record time

We all want to have our babies in our arms and return home to see all of the family as soon as possible.

The good news is that with natural childbirth, mothers only need to be under medical observation for one day (if complications do not occur) before going home.

The new mother can take care of her baby and get back into her normal routine rather quickly.

What should we expect from a cesarean section?

First-time Mother's Dilemma: Cesarean Or Natural Birth?

As simple as they may seem, cesarean sections carry all the risks of a surgical intervention and anesthesia. They also require longer post-operation medical observation.

Mothers are usually allowed to return home after 48-72 hours depending on their evolution.


Sometimes mothers might want to experience natural childbirth but their doctors recommend a cesarean because of the following reasons: the size of the fetus, the mother’s narrow pelvis, intrauterine infections, preeclampsia or placenta previa, among others.

There is a long list in regard to the indications where cesareans are safer for the mother than natural delivery.

The terrifying scar. The incision, which is called a laparotomy, is made horizontally in the lower abdomen and receives stitches that are removed seven days after the operation.

The wound can cause discomfort during the first hours, but it should never be touched. In order to prevent infections, the dressing should not be removed after the doctor places it.

Long-term care

Cesarean sections involve a long series of measures that have to be followed. We cannot exert a lot of effort.

It is important to avoid bending over and maintain rest for a longer period of time before resuming our usual daily physical activities.

Women often find themselves when motherhood arrives. Deciding how to bring a baby into the world – whether it be through natural birth or cesarean – isn’t a decision that will make you a super mom.

You must first think about your safety and the alternatives that best suits your circumstances.

Don’t forget that when the day finally arrives when you get to have your new love in front of you, it must be a magical experience. Trust your doctor and when the day comes to welcome your child to the world, welcome it properly.

You should also enjoy the time that they spend in your womb as much as possible.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.