6 Movies to Teach Us About the Importance of Family

Here are some of the best movies to entertain the whole family and teach important values at the same time.
6 Movies to Teach Us About the Importance of Family

Last update: 18 June, 2019

Movies which remind us of the importance of family are a great way to make time to reflect on what our families mean to us. Just from a single word, a gesture, or a scene in the film, we can start good conversations and aim to teach our family through them.

With these films you can make the most of time spent with your family and share a message of love, loyalty, and togetherness.

Children and young people need to be clearly taught about values, in a well-thought-out way that gives them credibility. As far as this is concerned there can be no double standards or hypocrisy. Experiences are transmitted and beliefs are lived out.

–M.G Ramos–

Parents are guides and key role models for their children to be able to face the world with optimism and love. Society can only be transformed if we strengthen family love and ties, as well as the morals we guide ourselves by. We should be providing our children and teenagers with a safe environment full of values ​​and ethics.

This is a daily task that should be reflected in every action we take. So, why not take advantage of a weekend or a few free hours to watch one or two of these movies? It’ll give you a chance to reflect on love and respect and the importance of family.

The best movies to reflect on the importance of family

1. Coco

This is an animated movie full of music and emotion. It’s all about a 12-year-old boy who wants to be a musician, but his loved ones want him to do something else.

It shows the importance of fighting for our dreams, but also of doing the right thing. He also reflects on the connection between the living and the dead and the great responsibility families have to support and spur each other on.

Characters similar to Frozen film.

2. Frozen

Who hasn’t heard about this film? The main theme of Frozen tells the adventures of Elsa and Anna, two sisters who had a happy childhood. It tells how one of them was placed in isolation because neither she, nor anybody else, could control her special powers.

Frozen is a great movie to learn about the importance of family, and the relationships between parents and children. The most important aspect that is touched upon is the love that should exist between siblings.

3. Up

Up is a movie that will be sure to make you shed a tear or two because of the intensity of many of its emotional scenes.

The main lesson here is to value, and live for, the moment. We should try to get the most out of everything around us, including the people near to us and the opportunities that life hands us. It’s a film that symbolizes the search for ideals and dreams.

4. Marley & Me

This is a touching film that focuses on an important member of many families: our pets. It uses a number of funny situations that often occur when you have pets at home, in order to show us the importance of family unity and commitment.

In addition, it’s also a great film to help us reflect on the passing of time and the aging process we’ll all experience.

A clown fish like the one in Finding Nemo.

5. Finding Nemo

This story, which takes place in the depths of the sea, is one of the best lessons about family love. It’s a tribute to the unconditional, strong love that parents feel for each of their children.

It also encourages us to never give up and to fight for our dreams, however unattainable they may seem. The second part of this movie is also very suitable for sharing with your kids.

6. The Croods

This is a film aimed at children, but one which all families should see, at least once. It’s the story of a group of cavemen who are about to become homeless and who’ll have to move on and look for somewhere else to live.

The father takes them on a journey where they all have to deal with the reluctance to change. The Croods is an ideal film to talk about, and reflect on, this idea. It also teaches us about the unity that can survive any adversity.

Conclusions on films that teach the importance of family

When you get some free time, why not watch one of these films together? You’ll have fun while also reinforcing family values at the same time.

Don’t forget that a parent’s task is to bring up children with good morals and strong love. At the same time, you should also ensure that what your child is watching on TV has similar morals and values.

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