Do You Know How to Fight Cellulite?

Linked to hormones, cellulite is very common in both men and women. During pregnancy, weight gain usually accompanies this issue.
Do You Know How to Fight Cellulite?

Last update: 30 January, 2019

In this article, we’ll provide tips on how to prevent and fight cellulite. Cellulite is the term given to the fat deposits just under the skin. It usually builds up in the abdomen and lower pelvic region, such as the thighs and skin.

It’s the result of an internal dermatological accumulation of fat. The cause of its development can vary from excess body fat to its distribution. On the other hand, it could simply be genetic or related to food.

To begin, note that cellulite isn’t dangerous to your health. It’s more of an aesthetic issue that bothers many men and women.

However, it’s usually more common in women and becomes more noticeable as they get older. This is because estrogen levels naturally decrease.

Pregnancy is one of the key moments that causes cellulite.

Generally, this excess fat usually appears on the buttocks and the hip area. However, don’t worry too much. You can fight it using the following tips.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to fight cellulite. Take note!

The best tips to fight cellulite

1. Changes in diet

The key to combating cellulite is to strengthen your skin through the food you eat and avoid the ones that encourage it. Cellulite is often caused by accumulated fats or toxins that reduce your skin’s elasticity and decrease circulation. A healthy diet based on real and unprocessed food can control it.

Try to follow a low-fat diet that includes lean proteins and vegetables. This last element, along with fruits, contains lots of antioxidants. This will help your body eliminate toxins.

Similarly, reduce simple carbohydrates like white flour, sugar and processed foods. Also, stop drinking coffee and energy drinksFinally, don’t forget that you need to drink plenty of water to cleanse your body and eliminate toxins.

Do You Know How to Fight Cellulite?

2. Physical Exercise

Poor nutrition isn’t the only thing that causes cellulite. Reducing your body fat percentage can have positive effects on it. The more fat you have in the affected areas, the more noticeable the cellulite will be.

Cardiovascular workouts help you burn fat throughout your body, raising your heart rate and metabolism. Regular exercises like walking, running, cycling or swimming will help you. However, that isn’t enough. In addition, you must also do strength exercises.

Weight training can also reshape tissue and soften the appearance of cellulite. This is because it boosts your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories.

Squats or leg extensions are ideal exercises to combat cellulite. Additionally, sports regulate appetite and decrease cravings.

Do You Know How to Fight Cellulite?

3. Reduce stress levels

Stress causes your body to produce cortisol, which accelerates skin aging and weight gain. A high level of cortisol in your blood reduces lipolytic hormones whose mission is to destroy fat cells in your body.

Therefore, the time has come to rethink your life’s pace, work, or constant worries.

Other factors that can lead to cellulite include:

  • Genetics
  • Weight gain
  • Bad nutrition
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Dehydration
  • Hormones

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