7 Ways to Get Your Children to Relax Without Technology

Read the following article to find out ways to encourage your children to relax without technology. It can be done!
7 Ways to Get Your Children to Relax Without Technology

Last update: 06 October, 2020

Nowadays, many families allow their children to spend several hours a day in front of their screens. While there’s nothing wrong with that if you control the time and the content, it’s also important to encourage children to relax without technology during the day.

Due to the light it emits, using technology stimulates children’s minds. This can make it quite difficult for them to relax if they’re in front of a mobile screen, for example. Therefore, don’t miss these ways to get your children to relax without technology.

Children need to have enough time during the day to relax and rest, since it’s necessary for their brain development and proper growth. Additionally, they need to have time to read, paint or play quietly. There are wonderful moments in which the little ones don’t need to be in front of screens in order to relax.

Help your children relax without technology

Below we’re going to give you a few ideas so that you can help your children relax without technology. This way they’ll have time and space to be calm (or even bored), and not think about the need to have any tech devices on their hands.

7 Ways to Get Your Children to Relax Without Technology

Free play without technology

You may not think of playtime as “relaxed,” but it’s an essential way for little ones to take time off of screens for a moment in their lives. It’s very important to their ever-growing minds. Therefore, you have to make sure that your afternoons have enough time for your children to be children.

Creative play

Creative play is essential for children’s minds — whether it’s painting, doing arts and crafts, or just letting their imagination run wild. Letting children go to a state where time disappears is a wonderful way to relax. You’ll love looking over your game room and seeing your children in their own little world.

Spend quality time together without technology

One of the best ways to help your little ones relax is to relax along with them. After dinner, for example, you can play with your older child or go for a walk if the weather allows it. Also, during the day, you can play ball together. This will help you burn energy and it will be great for both of you to rest better at night.

In addition, you’ll find that when you spend quality time with your child and do things together, they won’t need the screen to be entertained or to relax. Because, for your child, the most special thing in the world is spending time with you. 

Bedtime routines

Bedtime can be a real challenge for many families. Maybe your sweet children are more energized when they’re 10 minutes away from bedtime, but if you establish a routine, it will be a lifeline for you. This will make bedtime more relaxed for them and you.

Furthermore, you can extend these moments, especially when you need time to relax. The best thing to do is take a warm bath, have dinner, read a story, and then sleep.

Relaxing music

Relaxing music is good for relaxing your body and mind. Find songs that you all like to listen to and put them on at night. Close your eyes and just enjoy the melody. It’s a great way to feel better right before you go to sleep.

7 Ways to Get Your Children to Relax Without Technology

Meditate as a family

There are some simple breathing techniques that work wonders for children and can help them relax. When doing meditation-style breathing with young children, it’s normal to end up laughing from time to time. After a minute or two, you’ll all be calmer and more relaxed. It’s surprising how well this works!

Gentle massages

It can sometimes be difficult to make your children sleep at night, but what can help the little ones of any age is to give them a good massage.

The massages can be done with a lavender-scented lotion. Babies and toddlers always seem delighted whenever they get out of the tub to get a warm massage. They like the calming sensation it gives them!

Encouraging children to relax without technology

Giving our children opportunities to relax is very important for their bodies and minds. Balance is key for children, and encouraging these techniques can help make those difficult hours of the day easier for you and for them. Although, what really matters is helping your children calm down without resorting to technology.

Kids must understand that they’re perfectly capable of calming an agitated mood without the need to turn on any type of screen. This is essential so that, as they grow up, they have good coping skills.


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