Home Remedies to Fight Diarrhea in Children

There are many natural tricks and home remedies to fight diarrhea in children. One of the key factors is hydration, so drink plenty of fluid to compensate for the loss.
Home Remedies to Fight Diarrhea in Children
Saúl Sánchez Arias

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Last update: 08 November, 2022

One of the most common gastrointestinal disorders in children is diarrhea. Basically, this condition consists of soft, liquid stools that become very frequent. We’ll explain you the main causes as well as some home remedies to fight diarrhea in children.

We’ll also cover more important information that you should know about this condition.

Causes of diarrhea in children

Diarrhea in children has multiple causes. One of the main and most common is food poisoning. This happens when children eat food that wasn’t prepared correctly.

Poisoning can also occur when children put their dirty hands in their mouths. In either case, it’s always good to wash your hands before eating and when coming back in after playing outside.

However, diarrhea can also occur from infections. That is, if children are in contact with other infants or adults who have the infection. In any case, diarrhea usually just lasts a few days with the right treatment.

Treating diarrhea in children

When children suffer from diarrhea, the best treatment is fluid replacement and a proper diet. Remember, stools cause lots of liquid and minerals to leave the body. It’s important to be properly hydrated for the diarrhea to end.

As for medication, only the doctor should tell you whether or not you need to give your child antibiotics. However, there are some home remedies to fight diarrhea in children that are very effective.

Home remedies to fight diarrhea in children

The best way to treat diarrhea in children is to base their diet on the right foods. In addition, there are some very simple remedies that you can make at home with foods already in your pantry.

Various herbal teas

There are lots of home remedies to fight diarrhea in children. However, the most common ones are teas made of natural plants with medicinal properties. One of them is chamomile tea.

This herbal tea has anti-inflammatory and repairing properties to help the digestive system. Thyme tea is also very healthy. In fact, thyme is a very powerful natural antibiotic, which is also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Home Remedies to Fight Diarrhea in Children

Another effective remedy using medicinal plants is juice from aloe vera. It’s great for repairing mucous membranes. Additionally, it’s a very active ingredient for your body in general.

Porridge with carob flour

Porridge with carob flour is a traditional remedy. Carob flour and carob chocolate have properties that help fight diarrhea. In addition, they’re nutritious.

It’s an easy remedy, and it’s one of the best home remedies to fight diarrhea in children, as well as adults.

Carrots, the ideal medicinal food

Carrots are one of the best foods for your intestine. Both cooked and raw, it’s a fundamental ingredient to help treat diarrhea in children.

This vegetable contains beta-carotene, and has multiple restorative properties to help heal mucosa and the intestine. A grated carrot salad, carrot purée, or carrot juice is perfect to give children who suffer from diarrhea.

“One of the main and most common causes of diarrhea is food poisoning. This happens when children eat food that wasn’t prepared correctly.”

Lemon and grape juice

Another useful remedy to combat diarrhea in children is to prepare lemon and grape juice. You can make this drink with water, lemons, grapes, a little honey, and a pinch of salt.

You should give this to your child in the form of syrup, sipping a little bit a few times a day. Little by little, the discomfort and symptoms should stop.

Home Remedies to Fight Diarrhea in Children

Foods that make diarrhea worse in children

When children suffer from diarrhea, it’s very important to offer them a diet with the right foods. It’s also a good idea to reduce dairy consumption, like milk. Additionally, reduce consumption of flour or wheat.

Don’t forget that when you suffer from diarrhea, your body doesn’t tolerate lactose and gluten as well. In addition, these products don’t help get rid of diarrhea.

In conclusion, diarrhea in children shouldn’t last for too long. Consider using the home remedies we listed here and follow your doctor’s instructions. Hydration and a proper diet are essential for small children to recover.

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