I Will Build You Strong So No One Can Break You

I Will Build You Strong So No One Can Break You
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

I have the power to mold you in my hands. You will be who I want you to be: a good person. I dream of seeing a whole, complete being in the future. And believe me, I will build you strong so that no one can break you.

I will give you the courage to see that you fall as little as possible. I cannot help you avoid falls, but I can reduce them to simple stumbles.

I’ll lend you my hand so you can stand up quickly. I will instill great doses of courage so you can continue on your way, propelled at great speed.

I will give you the best you can have from a young age. I’ll give you confidence, self-esteem and a lot of faith. You will receive it in the form of love, and you will appreciate it in the form of self-confidence.

That way, no one will ever be able to hurt you, and any wounds you do get will heal very soon.

Child, I only know that since I conceived you, my sole decision was this: to build you strong. That way, life can never paralyze you. I know that fate cannot leave you immobile. I will give you all the necessary tools so that you do not suffer too much in this strange world, which at times may be ungrateful.

i will build you strong, my child

I will build you strong and brave

I assure you that I will be standing at all times, watching over your well-being. After all, my only goal since you came into my life is for you to be happy. For that reason, I ask you to be strong, to feed yourself with courage and dreams to get ahead in any circumstance.

Winning or losing doesn’t matter. What counts in the end is the audacity to try. Don’t stop after being dealt a blow. Try again and exhaust all your options. Learn from mistakes, as they have plenty to teach.

Do not sink into uneasiness, as nothing good can be done from sadness. Build toward a dream, carrying hope as your banner. A positive attitude and your optimistic mind will take you further from what you set out to do.

The brave man is not the one who does not feel fear, but the one who conquers it.

-Nelson Mandela-

Do not be afraid; simply unfold your wings and fly. Your back will be healthy and ready to carry anything after you go through various problems. Do not fill your backpack with hatred and resentment. Remember that there will be no evil that lasts a hundred years.

Also, take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. There will be times when you make mistakes and where you are the one who hurts.

Have the courage to ask for forgiveness and the humility to recognize your mistakes. Do not forget the most important thing: that the person you will have to forgive the most during your life is yourself.

Nothing is permanent. Everything is temporary, dear child. You just have to stand up straight and withstand the blows of fate. Promise me that you will never give up, never let your arms go down!

The solution to what hurts you is waiting around the corner. You deserve beautiful miracles, and I know they will happen to you.

Believe in your immense power

child standing strong

Human beings are designed to be happy. Therefore, embrace the belief that everything will improve at some point. The sadness will be one that shows you the light of the joy that you still have to experience. Do not let yourself be overcome, because you have immense power in your soul.

Make your days what you really want them to be. Charge your energy with those pleasant moments. Take advantage of each of them. Live them fully and intensely, treasuring them. Smile despite your fears. Cry and scream when needed. Relieve your hurt soul.

But never let it occur to you to get depressed or sink into the deepest despair. You are the strongest being I know, the one I built to see him reach the top.

Never forget that in life you will never have a greater burden than you can bear. I nurtured you with the purest and most sincere love, which will allow you to achieve things that seem impossible.

Be strong, for that unconditional love that will allow you to move mountains. Be patient in honor of those anecdotes that still draw a smile on your face. Be courageous to honor your mother’s teachings, as she admires you when your life has barely started.

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