Decalogue of Empowerment for Your Daughter

Today in our decalogue of empowerment, we'll present ten recommendations to help you raise a strong daughter. Learn more.
Decalogue of Empowerment for Your Daughter

Last update: 18 May, 2023

Although today we continue to suffer the consequences of a sexist society, little by little, those chains that pigeonholed women to be only mothers or housewives are being broken. So, if you want to inspire your little girl and give her the wings to fly freely, be sure to use this decalogue of empowerment for your daughter

Although there’s still much to continue fighting for to assert the rights and efforts of women around the world, teaching daughters about the importance of their independence, autonomy, and security, instructing new generations who will enforce change and eradicate social injustices in the near future.

Put into practice this decalogue of empowerment for your daughter

The example you set for your daughters as a mother is the strength you’ll cultivate within them so that they can be the best versions of themselves. So, if you don’t want your little girl to be a princess who needs to be saved by some man (more than by herself), then apply the following list of recommendations to empower them as children and let them know the great value they have within themselves.

This is a decalogue of empowerment for your daughter.

1. Encourage her to take risks and implement her ideas

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Show your child by example that her voice has power and deserves to be heard and valued.

Fear and insecurity must be left behind when we’re on the path to achieving our dreams. So, encourage your daughter to take charge of her life and take the risks she deems necessary in order to implement her ideas. In this way, you’ll be teaching them that their words and actions are as important and relevant as anyone else’s.

2. Show her how to be independent and self-sufficient

As your little one grows up, give her the tools she needs to gain more independence and autonomy every day. In a world where many women think they need to have a male provider to look out for them regardless of the consequences, teaching your daughter that she needs only her effort and commitment to move forward helps break this pattern.

3. Explain how to negotiate with kindness

In this life, we can’t always get what we want, but that doesn’t mean we can’t negotiate and reflect with kindness when we don’t agree with something. For this reason, give priority to dialogue in your day-to-day life, hand in hand with positive parenting. You’ll be giving your child the power to use communication and words to her advantage without hurting herself or others.

4. Instill in her the ability to fend for herself

Although you know that your child will never lack what she needs as long as you’re by her side, the reality is that parents aren’t eternal. Therefore, it’s essential that you teach her through example and education to fend for herself. This will give her the freedom and independence to fight for her goals without having to depend on someone else’s charity.

5. Teach her to speak up for herself

Shyness is a natural emotion that can inhibit our voice and cause us to let others make decisions for us. Because of this, if you want your little girl to be an empowered and confident woman in the future, you must teach her to speak up for herself in order for her to never remain silent in the face of injustices and to be able to raise her voice when she feels violated.

6. Educate her to be not only a smart woman, but also a kind woman

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Regardless of background or social status, everyone deserves to be treated kindly and respectfully.

Teaching your daughters values at home has a great impact on the personality of every child. And although the academic achievements of little ones can be very relevant and worthy of admiration, good manners shouldn’t be relegated behind intelligence. Teach your daughter that being kind and empathetic to other people is the best calling card anyone can have.

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7. Encourage your daughter to have a healthy lifestyle

Beyond a matter of vanity or superficiality, it’s essential that with positive dialogue and by example, you teach your daughter the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Health is the greatest gift that life can give us. Therefore, it’s very important to take care of and respect our bodies at all times.

8. Help your child find the balance between being sociable and being alone

Humans are social beings and need other people to flourish and evolve with each passing day. However, it’s crucial to find a balance where relationships with friends aren’t neglected, but also not completely dependent on them. Moments of solitude and reflection are also necessary to find our way and fill us with energy.

8. Encourage sports and hobbies

All little girls have qualities that make them unique and special. And while it’s very important to encourage academic education, hobbies, and sports shouldn’t be neglected. So, if you know your daughter is good at painting or dancing, encourage her to continue cultivating those skills so she can perfect them in the near future.

9. Give her emotional security

Let your daughter know through your unconditional love and daily actions that she’ll always have your support no matter what path she chooses to follow. What’s more, teach her that it doesn’t matter if she might make a mistake, because she’s fortunate to belong to a family that cares enough to help her improve as a person.

10. Teach her that no one can ever decide about her body

You must explain to your little girl that no one can make decisions about her body or her mind but herself. She should be respected and not give in to pressure from others when she doesn’t feel comfortable. Her autonomy should take precedence over the feelings of others and she shouldn’t feel bad for making the choices she deems necessary for her well-being.

Follow this decalogue of empowerment for your daughter

Now that you know ten of the best empowerment tips for your daughter, it’s time for you to start putting them into practice in your day-to-day parenting. Remember that security, autonomy, and independence aren’t built overnight. So, be sure to provide your girls with a good example accompanied by a great education in values. That way, they can have the strength to pursue their dreams and not be intimidated by anyone.

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