Your Smile Brings Happiness to My Soul

Your smile brings happiness to my soul. It's your letter of introduction and it's my salvation. I love your smile, my dear child!
Your Smile Brings Happiness to My Soul

Last update: 10 December, 2021

Your smile is the fullest and eternal happiness of my soul. My star, my reason; the compass that guides my steps day by day. That grimace that makes me fall in love every day is nothing more than the driving force that pushes me to continue, to overcome obstacles, to break down all kinds of limits.

My child, I want that laughter that’s life itself never to be erased from your beautiful face carved by the angels themselves. Inspiration and encouragement, motivation and hope. Your smile is nothing more than my illusion materialized in person. A dream made flesh and blood.

My love, show off without shame or shyness that beautiful curve that the gods decided to crown your angelic face with. Your smile is satisfaction and fulfillment, it’s to be satisfied with my maternal work. It’s the reflection of your soul, your essence, and your cover letter.

Your smile, that light that illuminates my path

Children covering their eyes with their hands, which have eyes painted on them.

Your smile is everything in my life. It was able to change a lot along the way. Toothless, with the first small pearls, and today with an endless number of the most precious and brilliant stones. However, what will never change is its essence.

Your face is the most profound and expressive language of your soul. It says it all because it’s impossible for you to silence something that screams from the depths of your being. The laughter that outlines your face is nothing more than the most intense light that radiates from your heart. A light that guides my path and indicates the steps to follow.

It’s incredible how a gesture of yours is capable of spreading joy and bringing so much happiness. How that grimace acts like a wick–without even thinking about it for a second, it simply infects. Best of all, it points me in the direction I must follow to bring you to fulfillment.

My child, always smile. Your smile is capable of expressing that I am doing well, that the effort is worth it. I want to know that you feel comfortable, I need to know that you feel deeply loved. What does it matter if it’s out of tune with the world, just show off that beautiful curve with the epicenter of your heart.

“Your smile is satisfaction and fulfillment, it’s to be satisfied with my maternal work. It is the reflection of your soul, your essence, and your letter of introduction; synonym of company and, fundamentally, of complicity and confidentiality”

Your smile is and will always be my madness

Your smile is, from day one, my madness; and so it will be forever. As the years go by, I will honor the noblest feature of your face. That grimace is synonymous with company and, fundamentally, it is synonymous with complicity and confidentiality.

That giggle is the prelude to a new adventure, to some madness of those that fill the pages of our lives. It’s the signal that accounts for some tenderness that nurtures my best anecdote: That of motherhood. Each one of your gestures, then, I will carry tattooed in my heart forever.

A baby boy standing in his crib and smiling.

My love, never stop smiling. Only then can you feed my illusions, water my hopes, and erase each of my sadnesses. When I see you laugh, I see my deepest fears die one by one. All my doubts disappear, and my sky is clouded with the sweetest certainties.

You are my sky, your smile is my true sunrise. And what difference does it make if this sun sets in the east or in the west. I just want to enjoy each and every one of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets by your side. I want to treasure these unique postcards that make you one of a kind.

Whenever I have questions, fears, or doubts, there’s no better answer than a smile. And if it is yours, dear son, I would like to know the world through those truths that you must reveal. Sow that seed unceasingly in your daily life, so that we’ll all reap nothing less than peace.

Therefore, my sweet child, I want you to let that beautiful gesture flourish in your mouth. Today I choose to see you happy again. I want to see your laugh shining like a radiant sun. Never forget it or hesitate for a second, your smile isn’t only happiness in my life, but the antidote for my broken soul.

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