5 Phrases to Express Love to Children

The following phrases to express love to children will help you put into words that incomparable feeling that your children awaken.
5 Phrases to Express Love to Children
Elena Sanz Martín

Written and verified by the psychologist Elena Sanz Martín.

Last update: 18 October, 2022

The love you feel for your child is incalculable and incomparable, of this there’s no doubt. But, beyond harboring this feeling, it’s important to pass it on to the children. Little ones need to grow up knowing that they’re loved, valued, and recognized by their parents, as this helps to build their self-esteem and strengthen the bond between parents and children. Therefore, we’ll show you some phrases to express love to children that you can use in your day-to-day interactions with them.

For some adults, it’s easy to put into words what they feel, but for others, not so much. This is because everyone has a different love language. Maybe you prefer to show love through physical contact or spending quality time with your children.

However, it’s always rewarding and comforting for children to hear from their parents how much they love them and how valuable they are to them. So, here are some examples with which you can express the affection your feel for them.

5 phrases to express love to children

A mother hugging her son and daughter.

My life has been more beautiful since you came along

For children, it’s sometimes complicated to understand that their parents already existed before they became parents, that they had their own path and their own experiences.

Even so, they’ll always enjoy listening to stories of how you sang to them while they were in your womb, what it was like when they were born, and how excited you were when they called you “mom” for the first time. Explaining to them how their presence has enhanced your life will make them feel loved and valued.

I love spending time with you

There’s no doubt that a mother must take care of her child, feed them, groom them, or take them to school. However, it’s important for the child to know that, beyond all these obligations, you truly enjoy spending time with them.

They should know that you enjoy listening to them talk about how their day went, that you’re amused by their witticisms, that you appreciate their ideas, and that you enjoy playing with them. Knowing that the most important person in their world genuinely values their company will greatly boost their self-esteem.

I’m proud of you

For little ones, their parents’ opinion is extremely important, as they’re their main point of reference. That’s why, when they make a mistake, they may feel ashamed or guilty for not meeting adult expectations.

Expressing to your child that you’re proud of them will reassure them and give them confidence. But don’t just tell them you’re proud when they achieve something important; when they try and fail, they’ll also appreciate knowing that you still recognize and value their effort and that their courage and perseverance also make you proud, regardless of the result.

Nothing pleases me as much as seeing the person you’re becoming

As children grow up, it can be difficult for them and their parents to accept the transition from childhood to adulthood. So don’t hesitate to tell them how happy you are to see them grow up and how much you enjoy being with them at every stage of their life. Knowing that they don’t need to be your little child anymore, that they can grow up free and find their own identity without losing your affection, is a priceless gift.

I’ll be there for you whenever you need me

A mother holding her toddler daughter and smiling.

Sooner or later, your child will grow up and you’ll no longer be able to carry them in your arms, they’ll start going out with friends and will become more and more independent. However, let them know that they’ll always find their home and refuge in you, that no matter how old they are or how many mistakes they make, you’ll always be there for them when they need you.

Phrases to express love to children must be backed up by actions

Words are a wonderful way to convey affection, as they allow you to clearly express what you feel and to let children know it. However, make sure that what you say is backed up by your actions.

These phrases for expressing love to children can also help you decide what aspects of your relationship with your child are important to you, so that as you say them, you remind yourself of the need to work on them every day. In any case, your child will love to hear your words and it will help them with their own emotional expression.

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