Your Children Make You a Better Person

Even during those days when you feel more tired than usual, your children still help you to become a better person.
Your Children Make You a Better Person

Last update: 31 May, 2021

Perhaps, you still haven’t realized what your children offer you every day? But they’re changing you for the better, and they’re making you a better person. Maybe, you don’t realize this because your children have strong personalities. Sometimes, they don’t want to eat or they lay on the floor when they want something they can’t have. They may even make loud noises when they’re playing, and you can’t relax.

Maybe, when you need to do productive things, they grab your legs and don’t move from your side. Furthermore, when you need to change their diaper or clothes, they just run away from you. And, they won’t let you brush their hair, because they just want to play. All of this can make you feel quite tense.

In addition, your child may have sleep regression, and that can make your nights even more complicated. This is because, when you’re about to fall asleep, they start crying and everything becomes more difficult for you because you’re too tired.

Will it become easier?

Yes, it will. And, you’ll miss those chaotic days that for the moment seem like torture. It doesn’t sound possible, but it’s true. Probably, you wish to be a mother that can handle their child’s tantrums with patience and empathy. Besides, you want to stay calm, rather than lose control. 

Family time.

Sometimes, maybe too often, you may realize you’re repressing your own feelings, instead of dealing with them.

Remember that your child’s job is to blow up your world: they open closets and take everything out, they drop things to see if they bounce. They play with your patience to test your and their own limits. They need to see what’s hot or cold, what’s bad or good, what’s hard or soft, and what’s fun or boring.

Even if this makes your house a mess, it’s very important to help them become explorers. In order to do this, you have to let them feel, and you need to support and guide them during their emotional crisis. They need to know that you’re by their side to keep things under control. 

A battle with yourself

Raising children can feel like a battle with yourself. This happens when you struggle with your own sensitivity, while your child has a tantrum. Perhaps, you’ve realized that since you’ve become a mother what bothers you the most is the noise they make. So, it might be complicated for you to stay calm when they’re yelling, and you just need them to listen to you.

You need order, while your children make a mess. During those moments is when you’ll choose to be patient and put up with your own frustration.

Some people say that when you raise your children, you choose your own battles. However, most of the time, it seems as if battles choose you and this will never change. As time goes by, these battles may become less physical, but no less real. Fights over chores, screen time, curfew, and clothes will continue and consume you if you let it happen.

Family time.


Change your perspective: your children make you a better person

Finally, you can try to change your perspective: become your children’s ally instead of their enemy. We know it’s difficult to become their ally when they don’t want your help, but you have to keep trying. However, we don’t mean you should surrender, you just have to give them a peace offering. 

They should know that you don’t want to dominate their free spirit, you just want to lead their way. Besides, you don’t want to punish them for doing things children their age also do, you just want to help them become mature, responsible, and capable human beings. 

In fact, there’s no easy way to assess the results of your work as a parent: shaping them, setting examples for them, teaching them new things, telling the truth, etc.

Your children are making you a better person without you even noticing it. So, set long-term goals for them. If they become brave people, who know how to say no and they value their bodies and souls, then you’ve done a good job.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.