A Mother Is Her Baby's First Toy

Have you ever wondered how your baby sees you? Our little ones don't identify us first as parents. Rather, we're like their first toy.
A Mother Is Her Baby's First Toy
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Written by Okairy

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Have you ever wondered how your baby sees you? For them, at first, you don’t represent mom or dad . You’re actually their first toy. The one with whom they’ll discover their first sensations and emotions.

If you analyze it carefully, you’ll realize that it’s something very logical. Your baby doesn’t have the understanding that you’re an adult. They adapt to the world around them and interact with what’s within reach.

Usually, this means that for the first few days at least, you’ll be pretty much the only thing they’re in contact with. Although there are other siblings, grandparents, or aunts and uncles, they’ll spend almost all the time with you. That’s important because these first moments give you the first clues into their emotions and behaviors . Find out how below.

What is play?

According to Cynthia Morrison, vice president of the International Toy Library Association , “play is an instinct; all people are born with it. Therefore, when a baby touches their mother’s face, it’s as if they had their first toy.

Another author, Pugmire , has mentioned that play is the means by which a child can experience the adult world through their understanding and imagination. Through play, it’s possible to have fun, stimulate creativity, and influence development.

Based on this, we can understand that in all cultures and races, play is an important part of the life of babies and children. Even adults play and represent our reality using various types of games.

The importance of babies playing with their first toy

A baby looking up while touching a toy.

The current pace of life forces both men and women to work equally. This isn’t bad as long as you as a mom or dad don’t forget the importance of being your baby’s first toy.

It’s important that you try to be involved in your child’s play . Not only to make sure they’re well but to create stronger emotional bonds. You can include age-appropriate toys and activities to help them develop skills.

Even though you may have plenty of age-appropriate toys for your baby, you shouldn’t forget to spend time with your little one. Let them discover the world starting with you.

Choosing the right toys for your baby

Some parents choose to buy all kinds of toys for their babies. Some of these are very innovative because they incorporate technology. However, they’re not always the best.

It’s important to choose toys that help your baby’s present and future development . When looking for toys, you’ll see a large number of options with all price ranges.

Instead of choosing the most expensive ones, ask yourself which ones are also functional. Some games can be adapted to different ages and stages of your baby’s development by adding and removing pieces.

In this way, you manage to get enough of what you have bought and your baby acquires the necessary skills for their growth.

Toys should be within your baby’s reach

A baby wearing a striped cap lifting up his head while lying face down next to a teddy bear.

When I talk about “toys” I’m referring to you and the toys you acquire for your baby. It’s common for mothers to seek to put things in a certain order by placing toys in boxes. Although this makes cleaning easier, it makes it difficult for your baby to take what they need.

When it comes to you as a toy, it’s important that you spend a few hours a day playing with your child. Let them caress you, touch your face, and get to know you. You’ll see that they also play with themself.

Enhance the experience by interacting with them . Things as simple as touching their nose or tickling them will allow them to discover new sensations. You can also include stimulation activities with rattles, small soft balls, stuffed animals, etc.

To avoid the feeling of disorder, you can put their toys in their sight and give them to them when they ask for them. Another option is to set aside a moment to play with each of the toys.

Technology for your baby, yes or no?

During the first months of your baby’s life, you don’t need to buy technological toys . You’ll realize that many times, you’re all your child needs. As their parent, you’re their first toy. You just need to spend time with them.

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