5 Educational Apps from Google

Get to know the educational apps from Google and take advantage of their full potential. They're easy to use, free, and always available.
5 Educational Apps from Google
Samanta Ruiz

Written and verified by the teacher Samanta Ruiz.

Last update: 21 January, 2023

Technology is a great ally to use in the development of teaching-learning processes. Therefore, we’re going to detail how the educational apps from Google work, where you can find search engines and task and content managers. They’re intended to facilitate the carrying out of activities, enhance collaborative work, and help you organize your time.

If you need to find really useful applications for these objectives, take a look at these educational apps from Google. Make the most of them. Not only are they free, they’re also easy and intuitive to use. Let’s get to know them!

1. Google Classroom

The initial screen of the app clearly summarizes its objective: “It allows students and teachers to save time, communicate, and stay organized.” Technically, it’s a Learning Management System (LMS) platform that’s designed to organize a collaborative classroom for online learning. It allows both teachers and students to log in from different devices, with only a Gmail account.

With Google Classroom, virtual classes can be held, and documents, Excel spreadsheets, presentations, and much more can be shared. In addition, the application can be used to hold meetings, assign tasks, and organize information so that it’s always available and organized.

A young girl using google books.
Google Books is a great educational resource that provides teachers and students with a large amount of bibliographic material that can be used for homework or academic research.

2. Google Books

Among the educational apps from Google, we also find Google Books, a database of digitized books and publications that are available online for consultation. The Google Books search engine offers the possibility of finding books by author, title, keyword or ISBN number.

In addition, public domain works can be downloaded free of charge in different formats. The platform respects the copyrights in force in each country and has a number of affiliated libraries that make their material available for consultation through the application. Some of them are Harvard University, the New York Public Library, and the universities of Princeton, Oxford, Stanford, and Cornell, among others.

3. Google Scholar

This is the search engine specialized in scientific topics and academic papers. Here, you’ll find theses, papers, studies, repositories, and scientific journals, among others. It’s a great tool for education, as these types of publications are endorsed by universities, scientific and research centers, libraries, and publishers oriented to research and science.

It’s very easy to use, as you can choose filters to refine your search and even choose the language of the articles. Google Scholar allows you to create your own library to store the material you need in one place.

4. Google Sky

This is one of the educational apps from Google that’s easiest to use and extremely useful to initiate students in learning about the world of astronomy. To consult information about the universe, you have the following sections in the app:

  • Our Solar System
  • Constellations
  • Images from the Hubble Telescope
  • Home astronomy
  • X-ray images from Chandra
  • Images from the Galex Ultraviolet Telescope
  • The Spitzer Infrared Telescope
  • Podcast

In addition, the Google Sky app has a direct link to enter Google Earth and access more interactive content.

Children learning through Google Sky.
Google Sky is the ideal application for children to begin to delve into the fascinating world of astronomy. It’s also very easy to use.

5. Google Calendar

This is one of the most practical applications for teachers, students, and educational institutions. To use it, you only need to integrate it into your Gmail. Organizing time with a calendar is the best way to make the most of it, and with Google Calendar, it’s possible. This application allows you to schedule events, add reminders, reserve spaces, plan tasks, manage class schedules, and plan work due dates.

Google’s educational apps are practical, intuitive, and free

The educational apps from Google offer countless uses in the educational field thanks to their simple and intuitive designs. In addition, they offer the advantage of technical support and ease of use integrated for each user. What’s more, it’s free of charge. These educational support resources bring dynamism to the learning process by integrating technology into the classroom and providing teachers and students with innovative tools for didactic use.

Nowadays, children are familiar with technology and digital screens and especially with Google. Therefore, learning to use these applications will be very easy for them.

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