Learning English with 8 Great Applications

Do you know which of the applications now available for learning English are the best? Here we break down all the details by describing how each app works and listing the different tools that they offer. How does that sound?
Learning English with 8 Great Applications

Last update: 28 April, 2019

Were you thinking you need to make better use of your commute time on public transportation by learning English? Is improving your English among your goals for the year? Well, today is your lucky day because we’re going to tell you about some of the best applications available for learning English on your Smartphone.

These apps will help you to optimize your time by making use of new technologies and also widen your knowledge of Shakespeare’s language. Are you in?

Exclusive applications for learning English


This app is specially geared to those who are preparing for their English certification exams. With it, you get access to help online from native speakers, and exercises to improve your pronunciation and fluency.

Voxy also gives you access to English language publications. As a result, you’ll be up-to-date on everything happening in the English press.

British Council App

The British Institute offers various applications to assist those studying English, depending on their level. From an institution of this calibre, their apps are synonymous with quality. The apps provide exercises, videos, and audios. There is also a lot of emphasis on acquiring new vocabulary.


Applications for learning English each give us distinct interfaces and methods that adapt to every need. In this example, perfecting your English is key and the Beelingo app puts a great quantity of content and resources within our reach – from dictionaries, audios, vocabulary and grammar exercises, even games.

Learning English with Wlingua

This app adapts to any skill level in English. It has 600 lessons and the most interesting thing is that you can choose between learning British or American English. The free account works really well, but the premium always offers more content.

Learning English with 8 Great Applications

Wibbu English

This application to learn English is ideal for those who come from Hispanic countries because it’s based on the most common mistakes that Spanish speakers make when speaking English.

It compares Castillian Spanish with English and it makes very useful, specific corrections to understand the language differences. It contains audios and text, and it evaluates your progress.

Learning English with uSpeak

This application is progressive and spans from the easiest constructions to the most complex language issues in English. It has a large vocabulary so that you can learn to pronounce words well. You’ll find many games and it’s divided in three levels of difficulty.

Fun Easy Learn English

Fun Easy Learn English guarantees that your vocabulary will grow thanks to the more than 6 thousand words included in its database. It complements learning with illustrations and audio so that you can improve your pronunciation.

It also includes a system that assigns random themes and games so that your learning is more interactive and fun. And do you know what’s best about this app? It doesn’t need an internet connection.

HiNative Trek

If you’re one of those people who say you don’t have time to learn English, keep reading because this application is made for you. Its lessons are approximately 10 minutes long and you have teachers who can help, depending on your progress.

The only downside of this app is that you have to pay, it’s not free. But it’s a way to assure you learn and keep up with your English even despite your busy schedule. It gives you access to a very interesting community of native users that can answer your doubts.


Surely you find the idea of combining language learning with meeting new people attractive. This is what one paid application has done.

Cambly helps you contact native speakers by video call to converse or practice the lessons that the app proposes. It also permits you to form practice groups with other students.

Learning English with 8 Great Applications

An extra tip for learning English

In addition to the applications we’ve already mentioned, there are also conversational bots that allow you to practice English. They’re programs with an instant messenger interface, with which you can carry out a conversation as if it were a person.

Some of the best-known bots are the following:

  • Virtual Talk
  • Andy 
  • PonounciationBot
  • Duolingo, it has conversation bots, just like Mondly
  • Langlearnbot

Learning a language is getting easier all the time thanks to all the available technologies. The applications available for learning English will save you time, money and a lot of effort. Which one do you think suits you best?

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