The Importance of Reading During Quarantine

Books can be a great ally during quarantine. In this article, discover the importance of reading during quarantine.
The Importance of Reading During Quarantine

Last update: 27 May, 2020

We’ve already been confined for several weeks. Thus, we haven’t been able to leave our homes as a consequence of COVID-19. And among the many activities and tasks people try to do to avoid boredom, distract themselves, and avoid being anxious, reading during quarantine can be an excellent and healthy option.

The benefits of reading

Reading and cultivating the habit of reading is always extremely important. In fact, it’s even more important during quarantine since reading offers many benefits and, in addition, can help make the days of confinement more bearable.

Thus, among its many benefits, we can mention that reading:

  • Increases our knowledge, information, and culture.
  • Exercises the brain and prevents cognitive degeneration. So consequently, it prevents neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Promotes reasoning, concentration, and memory.
  • Stimulates imagination.
The Importance of Reading During Quarantine
  • Develops communication skills, as it improves syntax and grammar and expands vocabulary.
  • Stimulates perception.
  • Increases curiosity.
  • Develops emotions and social skills such as empathy.

The importance of reading during quarantine

Reading is very healthy on a cognitive, psychological, and emotional level. At a psychological level, it helps people build their personality based on knowledge and identification with other people and how they act in other contexts or realities.

In addition, reading is an ally against loneliness since it’s the perfect companion for people who are or feel alone.

On an emotional level, reading allows you to simulate, and therefore experience, other people’s life situations. Likewise, it allows you to know, understand, and empathize with other feelings and sensations. This helps develop your perspectives and opinions regarding emotions and moods.

Thus, the benefits of reading are undeniable. But, in addition, we shouldn’t forget the other advantages that reading offers. For example, the development of character and at the level of emotions and moods.

Spending a few hours a day reading in a quiet, well-lit corner, is positive during this quarantine. Surely, letting yourself get carried away by a good book entertains, relaxes, and allows you to escape during this difficult time.

The Importance of Reading During Quarantine

Reading during quarantine for company, as a hobby, and to develop critical thinking

Finding a good book to read, no matter if it’s a print or e-book, is synonymous with finding a perfect companion during confinement. Letting yourself get carried away by reading a book is an ideal hobby that will take you to different worlds, people, and experiences. It also allows you to escape from this complicated period of time we’re experiencing.

As we mentioned above, some people’s goal of reading during quarantine may be to help them escape from the coronavirus issue. But, on the contrary, their goal may also be to read and learn more about this virus that’s haunting the entire world.

In this regard, you can spend some time reading to expand your knowledge on the coronavirus. You can read texts, studies, and links, as long as they’re from reliable sources. This way, you avoid echoing fake news that’s circulating on social networks that, rather than informing and teaching about COVID-19, only confuse and misinform people.

In these days of confinement, don’t hesitate to be thankful for reading. This is because, as we explained above, this activity has many positive effects on the brain and cognition and is also a pleasant and loyal companion. In addition, reading helps you develop critical thinking.

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