5 Short Stories with Valuable Lessons for Children

Reading short stories, that contain valuable lessons, with our children allows us to spend quality time with them. It also helps our children to become kind people.
5 Short Stories with Valuable Lessons for Children

Last update: 16 June, 2021

You probably dream about having a respectful, responsible, kind, and caring child. In fact, we all want the same. Fortunately, there’s a very useful tool we can use to make this happen: short stories with valuable lessons.

Educating our children when we don’t have much free time isn’t an easy task. However, we should all realize that the best thing we can do for our children is to spend as much time as we can with them.

If you want to spend quality time with your kids, we recommend you read them these short stories. As a result, you’ll have fun while they learn valuable lessons. Besides, they’ll become happy, educated people with important tools they’ll be able to use throughout their lives.

Short stories with valuable lessons.

Short stories with valuable lessons for children

The best thing about stories is that children learn valuable lessons that’ll help them throughout their lives while having fun and using their imagination.

It’s important that children have fun while they learn, no matter what the learning process is. This way, they’ll acquire knowledge more easily, and they’ll associate learning with fun moments and the chance of having a good time.

Since education is a vital tool for children to develop properly, we think that short stories are an excellent resource.

Don’t forget that children aren’t able to focus on something for a very long period of time. As soon as they become bored, they quickly want to move on to something else. Therefore, short stories with valuable lessons are vital for their proper development, because they’re a really fun educational tool, especially for little kids.

Short stories

Now that we know just how useful stories can be, we’ll give you a list of stories recommended by the Oxfam Intermón Association. This association has been looking after children’s well-being from around the world for decades.

The Ugly Duckling: one of the stories with the most familiar and valuable lesson

Among stories with valuable lessons which promote respect, The Ugly Duckling is as old as it’s efficient. We all know the story: a little duck rejected for its looks but becomes a beautiful swan. This is a fantastic lesson to help children respect everything and everybody, without judging. 

The Four Friends and the Hunter

This is an interesting story, which also talks about respecting others. The story is about four friends, who are animals from different species. However, in spite of their differences, they join together to protect and take care of themselves when a hunter appears. 

The Old Man and His Money

In this case, this story is about an old man, who after many years of working hard, decides to give money to his children. His idea is that they won’t settle with the money they could inherit after the old man’s death. Therefore, he educates and teaches his children important values, such as responsibility and the importance of fighting for their own dreams without losing hope.

Boy reading a short story.

El Mono y Las Lentejas (The Monkey and the Lentils)

This is actually a tale about a monkey who steals some lentils from a trader. Then, the monkey climbs a tree and starts eating them one by one. Suddenly, one of the lentils falls to the ground. And, when the monkey climbs down the tree to pick it up, all the rest of the lentils fall down.

In conclusion, this is a good story to teach children that they shouldn’t be greedy, nor desire what they can’t have. Besides, they shouldn’t rush into making important decisions.

The Story of Two Pots

Another beautiful story that talks about solidarity as one of the most important values to learn. This story narrates the adventures of a water seller who owns both an old pot and a new one, which is the one that he uses the most.

The new pot is quite proud of the job it performs, whereas the old one is constantly ashamed of spilling water. However, the water it spills irrigates the ground and allows dozens of beautiful flowers to grow, while the water seller passes by.

The importance of short stories with valuable lessons

These short stories with valuable lessons for children are wonderful for kids to learn very important lessons, while they have fun and spend time with their loved ones. So, what are you waiting for to spend quality time with your children while enjoying these amazing stories together?


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