Grandmothers Are the Lights That Guide Their Grandchildren

Grandmothers are those incredible people who guide their grandchildren and fill their lives with light. Today, we want to say thank you.
Grandmothers Are the Lights That Guide Their Grandchildren
María José Roldán

Written and verified by the psychopedagogue María José Roldán.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

Mothers and grandmothers. Both generations have an incredible strength that’s seen in their daily struggle so that their children and grandchildren have everything they need. Grandfathers and grandmothers are always those wonderful people who guide their grandchildren and shower them with love.

Many grandparents are, again, heroes for those parents who must work. They care for their grandchildren altruistically and with all their unconditional love. But even if many other grandparents can’t take on the responsibility of child care, they still have a strong and unforgettable influence on the lives of their grandchildren.

That’s why we want to say thank you!

Thank you, grandmothers

Thank you, grandmothers, for being those strong women who continue to cuddle the babies and toddlers, now called grandchildren, who make you feel more alive than ever.

You don’t mind being available for your children and grandchildren in the middle of the night. You know that the most important thing in life is family, no matter what. And you love to share moments with them because they mean everything to you.

A grandmother baking with her young grandchildren.

Likewise, thank you, grandmothers, for being women who never miss a hug when it’s needed. And for taking pictures and actually developing them because you know that memories are better stored in a photo album than in a phone memory.

Thank you for showing us that beauty isn’t found in the body, nor in the past, but in the eyes and in the heart. Thank you for sharing with the whole family your joy, wisdom, and desire to always do things right.

Again, thank you for making mistakes and showing us how important it is to learn from them. Watching you sing is a wonder for your grandchildren. And when they dance with you, it’s the best party you’ll ever remember. Watching grandchildren have fun with their grandmas and grandpas is, without a doubt, the best treasure a mother or father can have.

You’re wonderful

You grandmothers are necessary in life because your cooking, your cakes, your conversations, and everything you provide becomes special. This is because it’s not infinite, it’s ephemeral, and you have to enjoy it while you can. Just thinking about how wonderful you are makes my heart skip a beat.

Thank you for being the kind of grandmothers who enjoy our children. The kind that attends important events with your family, that encourages teaching about values, and helps to foster compassionate and kind hearts.

Thank you for being the kind of grandmothers who offer to watch the children when you know the parents need to go out in a hurry. Those lucky parents know they have nothing to worry about while their children are in your care.

Thank you for being the kind of grandmothers who sit and paint with your grandchildren. Who play with play-doh and build towers. Who read stories with them and do all the activities the little ones come up with in their soaring imaginations. The requests alone are proof of how special you make them feel.

Again, thank you for being one of those grandmothers who buy new shoes and sneak money to the grandchildren. For those grandmothers who always bring a gift when they visit or when special dates, like birthdays, come around. But most of all, thank you for being one of those grandmothers who spend time with their loved ones and guide their grandchildren and family – that is, without a doubt, the best gift!

A grandmother gazing down at her newborn grandchild in her arms.

We love you with all our hearts

There are many generations that will exist because of your efforts. Your house is full of memories that are updated with the arrival of your grandchildren. The magnets on your refrigerator reflect your shared travels and hold in the place the precious artwork of your children’s children.

Your arms are always the best shelter and the best home. Your kitchen will always be the best in the world, and talking to you will always be the greatest treasure.

Thank you for all that you do, for who you are. Because of that, your offspring will continue to grow and continue to be wonderful people because of your legacy of values and an unconditional love for family that should never be lost.

Life’s better thanks to grandmothers; they’re the cane that helps us all to move forward, even if they’re not by our side because nature time has forced them to them to move on to a better place

Their wisdom and unconditional love will remain in our hearts. Grandmothers will continue to be that light that will guide their grandchildren and all those who’ve been lucky enough to be part of their family. Thank you, grandmothers, wonderful women with silver hair and hearts of gold.

Thank you!

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