Strengthening the Bond between Cousins from Early Childhood

The relationship between cousins can be wonderful. A bond that begins in childhood and can last a lifetime as they share experiences, moments and family.
Strengthening the Bond between Cousins from Early Childhood

Last update: 16 July, 2021

It’s clear to all of us that the relationship that exists between siblings is very special and it begins to build from the moment the new member of the family arrives. However, we mustn’t forget another relationship that can also be wonderful, and that is that of cousins. For this reason, strengthening the bond between cousins from early childhood is very important.

It’s undoubtedly very positive for children to have siblings, but so is having a close relationship between cousins, especially if the child doesn’t have siblings. Do you want to know why cousins are important and how to strengthen that bond? Read on.

Strengthening the bond between cousins from early childhood

The bond that can be established between cousins can be wonderful if strengthened from early childhood. Speaking a bit about my own experience, I have a sister and two cousins on the maternal side, and four cousins on the paternal side.

Cousins snacking in the kitchen together to strengthen the bond between them from early childhood.

I remember with some nostalgia when my cousins, my sister and I would get together for lunch at my maternal grandparents’ house on Saturdays. That day was very special for all of us because it meant that we would all play together either at my house or at my aunt and uncle’s house. The four of us had a very special bond and we looked forward to seeing each other to play and be together.

On the paternal side, however, there were no such family gatherings. We didn’t live in the same town, so there was no such relationship with our paternal cousins. Now that my sister and I are mothers, we try to have our children spend time together. We took care from the beginning to nurture a special bond between them.

Why are cousins so important?

As I said earlier, in addition to the very special relationship that exists between siblings, sometimes we forget that cousins can also have a wonderful relationship, a bond of friendship and affection. Strengthening the bond between cousins from early childhood brings numerous benefits. So, let’s take a look at some of them below.

Strengthening the bond between cousins: they can be your children’s first friends

If your children and their cousins are close in age, you’ll see a relationship of complicity, friendship and affection grow. Especially if you contribute to it. Cousins, in addition to siblings, become your children’s first accomplices in mischief and adventures.

It helps them express their emotions

The special relationship that develops between cousins gives rise to friendship and affection. This relation helps them express their emotions in a positive way, as they’re in a safe environment: their family.

Strengthening the bond between cousins: they learn the value of friendship

The more time cousins spend together, the more experiences they’ll have together. Therefore, this will make their friendship last over time. As they grow up, they’ll share very special moments in their lives, and they’ll always keep in mind the value of friendship and family. In addition, they’ll learn values such as sharing, forgiveness and listening.

They’re siblings from another mother

Cousins share family and friendship, but live in different homes. It’s like a mix between a brother and a friend. This is also where not only the affection for cousins, but also for uncles and aunts comes in.

Cousins enjoying a day at the beach.

This friendship between cousins will last a lifetime

Sharing moments together since childhood, new experiences and adventures that they’ll never forget are memories that’ll leave a mark in their hearts forever. Not only will they play and share common likes and dislikes, but they’ll grow up together and accompany each other in the different important moments of their lives.

As far as strengthening the bond between cousins from early childhood is concerned…

You’ve already seen that strengthening the bond between cousins from early childhood is fundamental for children to continue to have that relationship in the future, but it must be fostered from an early age.

In my experience, I would’ve loved to have more of a relationship with my cousins. So even though I don’t live in the same city as my sister, I’ll continue to nurture the relationship between my son and nephew. So, if your children are lucky enough to have their cousins close by, encourage that bond. They’ll be very fortunate.

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