5 Children's Crafts with Fabric

Today, we'll offer you 5 children's crafts with fabric so can spend time as a family, make gifts, create costumes, and more!
5 Children's Crafts with Fabric
Marcela Alejandra Caffulli

Reviewed and approved by the pediatrician Marcela Alejandra Caffulli.

Last update: 06 December, 2023

Are you close to a school craft fair and need to come up with some original ideas? Do you need to create a costume for your little one? Or do you just want to spend a nice time with your family while you get down to work? If you’re looking for fabric crafts to do with children, this is your space. We’ll present you with five children’s crafts with fabric that you can use to decorate, give as gifts, or make disguises that can be very useful. Use your imagination and get to work!

1. Mermaid tail, one of the most original children’s crafts with fabric

If Halloween has arrived or you have a costume party at school, we’ll give you some ideas that are sure to be a hit. The first one is to create this mermaid tail. Are you a fan of Ariel in “The Little Mermaid?” If so, or you’re simply fascinated by these mythical creatures, take note!


  • Fleece for the body, fins, and tail
  • Large ruler or yardstick
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape

Step-by-step instructions

  • Cut the fleece into two equal parts measuring 42 centimeters long (16.53 inches) and 24 centimeters wide (9.44 inches).
  • Take one part and fold it in half lengthwise, with the fold to the right. At the top edge, measure 12 inches from the fold and mark.
  • On the bottom edge, measure about 26 centimeters (10 inches) from the fold and also make a small cut to mark.
  • Take some masking tape and run a straight diagonal line from one cut to the other. Cut along the tape line.
  • Take your second piece of patterned felt and fold it in half. Be sure to also cut off the flaps and tail to place them with the sides upside down.
  • Cut a 5 x 5 centimeter (2×2 inch) square from the two corners to fold each piece of fringe up. Leave an indentation in the fold.
  • With the right flap, begin braiding. To do this, take the fringe on the left and thread it through the hole in the opposite one. When you reach the end of the row, separate the two remaining strips. Finally, pass one of the pieces through the previous slit and use the other piece to tie a knot.

Repeat all the above steps for the tail and the fin. Remember that you then have to join them together by braiding them again.

Magic wands

A little girl wearing a tutu and holding a pink wand.
Magic wands are always popular with children, as they’re related to various characters, both male and female.

This creation will cause a sensation from the youngest to the oldest. Especially Harry Potter fans! Also, according to data from a study conducted in 2018 by the University of Zaragoza, it’s likely that the little ones in your house will have fun in their spare time watching “Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.”

For this reason, we’ll teach you how to make magic wands with fabric that will surely fascinate the kids. To make them, you’ll only have to cut small strips with the colored felts. Then, stack a bunch together and glue them in the center of the pipe cleaner.

3. Heart cushion: Show love with one of these children’s crafts with fabric

From the time they’re small, children are soothed by the heartbeat of their mothers. So, to show them that love that goes beyond time and circumstances, we invite you to make these heart cushions to give as gifts or decorate your little one’s bedroom.


  • Felt fabric in two different colors
  • Scissors
  • Cotton to stuff the pillow
  • Thread and needle

Step-by-step instructions

  • Place the felt fabrics one on top of the other. Then, cut a big heart and draw a smaller one inside (between 0.75 centimeters or 1.25 inches between the edges).
  • The part between the two hearts with the two colored felts will be the one to be cut into long stripes. Then, you’ll have to tie them together.
  • Once cut, start tying them, every two stripes, one on top of the other.
  • Try to fill the heart with cotton through the remaining opening and finish off the closure with threads.

The collaboration of an adult is indispensable to make this craft, due to the materials used in the elaboration process. Besides, this way, you’ll be able to achieve a union that, without a doubt, will be unforgettable for both of you.

Brooch with flowers, one of the most beautiful children’s crafts with fabric

Another of the most original options that will make the house have a cozier touch are these flowers made of fabric. The best thing? You don’t need to water them and they’re very colorful if you place them on the curtains.

On the other hand, we suggest you make them as brooches, because if you want to give them as a gift, you can take them with you everywhere. And, for example, they can be combined with the clothes you prefer according to their color.


  • Colored felt
  • Safety pin
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step-by-step instructions

  • The first step is to cut a rectangle of felt in the color you like.
  • Then, fold it in half and make a long strip.
  • Once you have the strip, cut it into continuous strips without reaching the fold.
  • When you have all the cuts done, roll the cut strip on itself and glue the end with glue. It should look like a flower bud.
  • To finish, put a safety pin when the glue has dried well.

As a gift, this brooch is a delicate and sophisticated idea that will sure to be well received. In addition, if you prefer, you can also add to the flower other decorations made with eva rubber, such as the stem or the petals.

5. Superhero capes: One of the most adventurous children’s crafts with fabric

A black girl wearing a pick cape.
Kids love to wear capes and dress up as their favorite characters! Plus, they’re very easy to make with just a few materials.

An easy-to-make option is to create a cool superhero cape to fight evil in the face of any threat.


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Felt in different colors
  • Glue

Step-by-step instructions

  • Cut the fabric into 2 pieces (one of them 28 X 18 centimeters or 11 x 7 inches) and fold one in half.
  • In its upper part, make a cut in the shape of a half U (the long ends will be the ones that allow you to tie the cape).
  • With the fabric still folded in half, turn to the other end. With the scissors, start at the folded side and cut 2 mountains (when the fabric opens, there should be 4).

Once the shape is finished, the cape can be tied by hand. However, we recommend that you make different shapes and details with the help of the felt (depending on your little one’s favorite superhero). For example, a bat for Batman, an “S” for Superman, two “W’s” for Wonder Woman, etc. The options are endless!

The benefits of children’s crafts with fabric

Stimulating the sense of touch with textile crafts, as childcare experts say, has important benefits for children’s growth and development. For example, they favor the growth of neuronal connections, improve motor skills, and are a way of getting to know the world and strengthening their own potentiañ. In addition, they help reduce stress and anxiety.

For these reasons, we hope you’ll practice some of the ideas we’ve given you today. Which one will you choose?

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