Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night at Home

Are your children Harry Potter fans? Today, we'll tell you about an event you can hold at home to celebrate this world-famous book series. You and your little ones will love it!
Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night at Home

Last update: 05 February, 2021

The Harry Potter book series is one of the most famous series in the world. Millions of readers have devoured all the pages from the book collection. In fact, the success of these books has exceeded paper. As a result, it’s possible to find all kinds of merchandising related to the movies in hundreds of different shops across the globe. And the Harry Potter book night has become a worldwide celebration.

In addition, there are theme parks and studio tours prepared for fans to enjoy Harry Potter’s magic world. To keep the essence of the books alive, the Harry Potter Book Night has been held every year since 2014. This way, youngsters get the chance to continue enjoying these stories with the passage of time.

Today, we’ll tell you more about this magical and fun night that you can spend celebrating Harry Potter. Raise your wands and let’s begin!

Prepare for Harry Potter book night

Every year, on February 6, Harry Potter book night is celebrated. It’s usually a theme celebration, which focuses on stories from the books. For example, last year it was about the triwizard tournament from Harry Potter and the Globet of Fire.

Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night at Home

For example, in Spain, Salamandra publishing house, which was in charge of publishing Harry Potter books, usually prepares activities in different bookstores around the country. It also includes online activities for those who want to celebrate Harry Potter book night at home.

Invitations to the Harry Potter book night

Even if you don’t attend any of the bookstores where Harry Potter book night is held, you can celebrate this special night at home.

You can create an invitation for a special day or you can celebrate it any day you want. Of course, invitations are themed to get into this magic world from the beginning.

Triwizard tournament decoration for Harry Potter book night

Decoration is essential during such a magical night. There are many ideas to recreate the goblet of fire, the cup from the triwizard tournament, or even triwizard badges, among other crafts. In addition, you can recreate essential elements from the books and movies, like the daily prophet, etc. We know you can do it!

Another important element of this celebration is food. You can prepare the polyjuice potion or meals like Gillyweed, etc. These amazing preparations will surprise your guests.


Last but not least, in a theme party like this, there must be costumes. According to the people you invite, you can form groups of students from the different wizarding schools. And, you can all dress up as if you were part of those schools.

Celebrate Harry Potter Book Night at Home

Let the triwizard tournament begin!

In addition to all the activities we’ve mentioned before, there are many more you can carry out, depending on the place and the number of guests you’re having.

Once everything is ready, you can recreate different activities related to the books. It’ll all depend on what you and your guests prefer.

A great idea is to make a magic wand or a dragon egg. Every detail counts to celebrate this magic night. As a result, you’ll become the best one hosting the triwizard tournament.

An amazing idea for children

Putting these original ideas into practice will promote reading and help children become more interested in books. Celebrating Harry Potter book night with children will spark their interest even further into this magical and fantastic world. They’ll also get the chance to read or re-read the most famous books in the world.

You can adapt all these activities to children of all ages. As a result, you’ll create an event that will be hard to forget.

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