5 Competetive Christmas Games for Kids

Competitive Christmas games are an excellent alternative to share with children and the whole family. Keep reading to discover 5 ideas.
5 Competetive Christmas Games for Kids
Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis

Written and verified by degree in physical education and sports Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis.

Last update: 17 February, 2023

Christmas is one of the most special holidays of the year. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to spend time with the family, which is why competitive Christmas games, especially for children, stand out as an excellent way to enjoy this special season.

During this time, children from the whole neighborhood or the whole family get together. Therefore, finding different ways to entertain them while sharing becomes a fundamental task. In this case, competitive Christmas games are an excellent option, not only to keep your little ones entertained but also for them to share and learn and to stimulate their psychomotor development.

Write down these competitive Christmas games

When we refer to competitive games, we’re talking about group activities that take place indoors or outdoors. The main objective is for one individual or team to emerge as the winner at the end of the activity. However, beyond winning or accumulating a considerable amount of points, the main goal here is to share time with the family and have fun. With that in mind, we’ll show you some ideas to carry out this Christmas-themed activity.

1. Santa’s treasure

One of the competitive Christmas games for this holiday season is Santa’s treasure. In this activity, you must gather objects that have to do with Christmas or clothes that identify Santa Claus. Then, try to hide them in every corner of the house, in the yard, etc. Then, you must offer some clues to the groups in order to start the search. Therefore, the first team to collect the most objects will be declared the winner.

2. Sack races

Children having a sack race.
Sack races are a classic when it comes to organizing games or competitions for children. Moreover, if the little ones participate while wearing costumes or if Christmas motifs are included, it will be much more fun!

Sack races are a classic game when it comes to birthday parties and picnics, so why not turn them into a Christmas activity. To do so, you can decorate the sacks as if they were the bags Santa Claus uses to deliver his gifts. Afterward, give a Christmas sack to each team, trace the route of the race, and let the competition begin.

3. Tug of war

A tug of war involves only two teams, with each team living up at each end of a rope. If you have more than two teams, then we recommend organizing a tournament.

For example, team 1 versus team 2 and team 3 versus team 4. The winners of both competitions will advance to the final. Once organized, the children must pull on the rope, which will have a handkerchief in the middle. If this cloth passes the line drawn by a particular team -one yard past the mid-point-, the other team is declared the loser.

The condition for the defeated team is that all its members dress up with a Christmas theme. For example, Santa’s elves, Santa Claus, or snowmen, among others.

4. Guess the word

Competitive Christmas games shouldn’t only be carried out through physical activities, but can also promote the cognitive stimulation of children. For example, guess the word is a perfect activity in this regard. In this case, a player will have to choose a Christmas word from out of a hat. Once they know which one it is, they can give some clues to their teammates. The goal is for the little ones to guess the name. The team that gets the most characters right will be the winner.

5. Have a Christmas-themed sports competition

Having a competition or sports activity is practically an exception to the theme of the holiday, but keep in mind that Christmas is based on unity and sharing.

Finally, although they’re not completely associated with Christmas, we recommend organizing a sports event for Christmas. Ask what sport the children like the most and, based on their answers, organize a small championship. The objective is for them to enjoy, share, and stimulate the body through this activity.

Competitive Christmas games, get ready for fun

Regardless of the Christmas games that you’re going to play during Christmas, try to prepare properly. Take into account the materials you’ll need and get them ready in advance. At the same time, analyze the site where the activities will take place, the possible risks, what kind of modifications are needed, and the safety measures required by the children.

Another aspect you should take into account when preparing is the duration of each activity. It’s important to estimate a certain amount of time so that it doesn’t become a boring or very long day. Last but not least, make sure that all groups are rewarded for their participation. This is regardless of who has won in each game. This way, you’ll emphasize the importance of sharing and participating in the games.

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