5 Easy Costumes to Make for Kids

Don't miss out on these easy costumes for young and old. The whole family will be sure to love them! Take note!
5 Easy Costumes to Make for Kids

Last update: 11 November, 2021

Whether it’s for a party at school, for Halloween, or simply because you want to dress up at home, knowing options for easy costumes for children always comes in handy.

This way, you can keep the little ones busy and entertained while you also spend some free time with them. Don’t miss a single detail and get to work as soon as possible.

Super fun and easy costumes for any occasion

Here, we’ll show you 5 simple options that can get you out of trouble when you need them. Take note!

1. A mime

A young girl dressed up as a mime.

If your family likes miming, then this is a perfect idea.

You only need to dress your child in black pants (or a skirt), a white T-shirt, and suspenders of any color. You also have to put white gloves on them to highlight their movements.

Then, paint their entire face white and draw a black tear under one of the eyes.

Teach them some mimics and have competitions to see who can best hold back their laughter. You’ll all have a great time and without saying a single word!

2. Colored pencil

A colored pencil costume is also a very original and very simple idea. If you have more than one child, the fun is even greater.

You can dress each one a different color and then use a light-colored poster board to make the hat.

For this, you must make a cone with a wide base and use some elastic to attach it to the head. Finally, paint the tip of the cone the color of the clothes.

If you want it to be even more authentic, you can make some strips of white cardboard to mimic the stripes of the object and glue them to the child’s body.

3. Rain

This costume is easy, original, and very popular with children. You only need some materials that you’re sure to have at home already:

  • Some rubber rain boots
  • An old hat, or a plastic or cardboard hat
  • Blue colored yarn
  • Felt of the same color
  • Cotton for the filling
  • A hot glue gun

To begin, you must cut out many drops with the blue felt paper and glue some blue strips to each one. The idea is for them to hang from them.

Then, adhere the yarn strings to the hat (to simulate rainwater) and a lot of cotton on top of these. It’s important for the hat to be well covered and that nothing is visible underneath, as it should look like a cloud.

3. Donuts

This costume is a lot of fun and you only need colored felt, some cardboard, glue, and ribbon.

Cut two cardboard circles of the same size, covering the entire trunk of your child. Then, cut another smaller circle and place it in the center of the larger cardboard to simulate the hole.

Cut the felt of different colors and glue the pieces on top of the cardboard, as if it were a sprinkled donut.

Finally, tie the two cardboards that make up the donut over the child’s shoulders.

5. The crazy cat lady

This character is a lot of fun and kids love it.

You just have to dress your child in a dressing gown or a bathrobe of their size, ideally in light colors. Underneath, they can wear their pajamas and their slippers.

Then, stick some curlers in their hair. And finally, pin some stuffed kittens onto the robe, and if you want, find him some ridiculous party glasses.

This will be a lot of fun! With things from home and your children’s stuffed animals, you’ll have a fast and very original costume.

A small child dressed up as a witch and holding a black cat.

Which of all these costumes did you like the most? They’re all very simple so you can make them today and have a wonderful time with your family.


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