4 Cardboard Toys for Your Children

These cardboard toys will ensure countless hours of fun! They’re very inexpensive and different ways for children to enjoy playing.
4 Cardboard Toys for Your Children

Last update: 11 July, 2020

It’s common for children’s rooms to be filled with hundreds of toys. This overload can make children indecisive regarding which toy to play with, so they end up playing with everything and nothing for up to five minutes.

Toys are expensive products, which is why you should teach children the importance of choosing them very well and the need for not asking for absolutely everything they see. For this reason, today, we leave you a different way of enjoying toys! Through crafts, children can have fun with ingenious toys they made themselves.

For all these crafts, the material to use as the base is cardboard, a very easy material to find and handle. Below, discover the best cardboard toys for children!

Cardboard toys

1. The Tooth Fairy’s door

Although it isn’t a toy as such, it’s an object that will attract the attention of children whose teeth are starting to fall out. These doors for the Tooth Fairy have become very fashionable nowadays. This magical being can find, in a simple and easy way, the room of the child whose tooth has fallen out, collect it, and leave them a dollar for it.

4 Cardboard Toys for Your Children

If you want your children to enjoy the illusion that comes with having this door, you don’t need many materials to create it – just cardboard, paint, and a lot of enthusiasm and creativity. We advise you to use hard cardboard for the door, so that it withstands for several years. You should also apply resistant paint.

2. Puppet theater

Most children love puppets. Nowadays, they’ve evolved so much that finger puppets are the most striking for them.

However, it’s difficult to find a small theater where you can create stories with them. For this reason, today we’ll tell you everything you need to create a cardboard puppet theater. It’ll be very simple and even the smallest children can participate!

For this cardboard toy, you’ll need a box of the same material. There are two different ways to make it:

  • Leaving just one square or face of the box.
  • Removing just one face, like a tube television.

In the part that you want to use as a theater, you must make a rectangle and cut it, so it’s similar to a photo frame. The last step is to decorate it. You can paint it different colors or add personalized details, depending on the puppets you have. For example, if your child loves animals, you can decorate it like a jungle.

3. A house, one of the best cardboard toys

So that your child’s dolls can live in the same conditions as a person, you can make a house for them from a cardboard box. Depending on the space in the house, you can include more or fewer details.

4 Cardboard Toys for Your Children

You’ll have to divide your house into different areas, such as the kitchen, the bedrooms, or the bathroom, in addition to making windows and a door. In addition, you can use cardboard for decoration. A bed, a shower, or even a table with chairs will be very fun elements to create that your child can then use to have their dolls live in it.

4. A car

You can make many toys out of cardboard. However, the one we’re sure your child will like the most is their own race car. This is because you can make it together with a large cardboard box! The older ones will make the car while the younger ones will choose what color they want the wheels or the exterior decoration of the car to be.

Although it may seem like a complicated craft, it’s one of the simplest! You must cut the top of the box and give it the rounded shape that cars have to distinguish the windows from the back and front.

For the wheels, you can use more cardboard glued to the car itself or also glue on some plastic plates. Then, for the windows and all the other decoration, you can use paint or even colored construction paper. Your child will love this cardboard toy because they had a hand in making it!

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