5 Finger Painting Crafts for Children

Finger painting crafts invite children and parents to bond and experience art in a special way. Learn more in today's article.
5 Finger Painting Crafts for Children

Last update: 08 October, 2021

Finger painting is one of the best ways to develop children’s creativity. For this reason, we invite you to do some finger painting crafts as a family in order to spend more time together, have fun, and encourage the learning of your little ones.

In the following article, we’ll present you with five original ideas that you can reproduce according to your own taste and imagination. Are you ready?

The power of fingers and paint

As a study carried out by the Technical University of Ambato states, finger painting crafts favor the development of intelligence and fine motor skills in children. With this in mind, we suggest the following options to inspire you and your child.

A baby finger painting.

1. Pineapples

The first option is very simple, as you only need green, yellow, and brown paints.

First, paint the fruit with yellow and brown spots with your finger. Then use the green to make the leaves that stick out above the fruit.

One of the advantages of this painting is that it can help you instill the importance of eating fruits and vegetables in a simple and fun way. What’s more, we recommend you let your imagination fly and dare to make more fruits: Apples, pears, oranges, cherries, or whatever you like!

2. Sheep

Making a flock of sheep is another educational idea that allows you to instill in your child a respect for nature and animals. You’ll surely love making them and it’s a perfect alternative for decorating Christmas postcards.


  • Cardboard in whichever color that you like the most, although it’s best to opt for pastel tones that allow you to see the painting better
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • White paint
  • Velcro

Step-by-step instructions

  • The first thing you should do is draw the body of the animal on the colored cardboard. To do this, wet the index finger of your little one with white paint and simulate wool with their small fingerprints.
  • When the body is done, draw and cut four legs, the head, and the tail. Use the velcro to glue the parts around the body.
  • Draw two eyes on another piece of cardboard and cut them out. Then stick them on the sheep.

Finally, you can write a dedication with hand-drawn letters, with the remains of paint that have been left over.

3. Pots with flowers

This is an ideal and most original option to welcome the arrival of spring. Flower pots bring joy to your home!

To make them, wet the top of your baby’s foot with paint and trace it on a piece of paper. This will be used to make the petals of the flower. Then, with your fingers, make the stem of the plant.

If you want to put them in a pot, take another piece of brown paper, draw the pot and glue it under the flowers. We suggest that you paste the drawings on the windows so that they can be seen from outside the home, or decorate the walls of your baby’s room with them.

4. Chicks, one of children’s favorite finger painting crafts

To make them, you just have to wet the palm of the child’s hand with yellow paint and stamp it on a white card. Then, paint the beak, the eye, and a small crest on the thumb. Draw two legs and voila!

You can also take advantage of your own palm so that the hen and the chick are together in the same creation.

5. A boat in the sunset

If you want to make a landscape in a realistic tone, but with the footprints of the smallest member of your family, go ahead and make this boat at sunset.


  • White cardboard
  • Blue, red, and yellow paint

Step-by-step instructions

  • The first step to making the boat is to dip the sole of the little one’s foot in red paint. Then, horizontally, stamp their footprint on the white card, to simulate the boat.
  • Then, use the blue paint to draw the sails and the waves that move the boat.
  • Finally, close the child’s fist and dip the side of their hand in yellow. Stamp the footprint on top of the boat and top it off with some small rays, to simulate the sun.


Baby foot prints made with finger paint.

Finger Paint Crafts – Let’s Get To It!

Crafts made with the hands create a special bond between the artist and the painting:

“The brush becomes an instrument that allows the creative process, so that good and bad feelings flow. When a child paints, both sides of the brain are involved and this strengthens the connection between the two hemispheres.”

-RJ Pintado Calle-

Making these creations with your little one’s footprints allows you to create an unforgettable memory that will last over time. Of course, be careful with paintings and watch your child at all times.

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