7 Netflix Children's Series With Educational Value

Discover these 7 Netflix children's series with educational value to find suitable and fun content for your children.
7 Netflix Children's Series With Educational Value
Pedro González Núñez

Written and verified by the child educator Pedro González Núñez.

Last update: 15 March, 2023

In the past, as mothers, we had limitations to access educational series that showed values according to the desired training of our little ones. But today, thanks to online platforms, our children have a huge amount of options to see. Therefore, it’s important to know these 7 children’s series with educational value for children that Netflix offers for your little ones. Are you ready to discover what they are?

The generation of content on demand

It’s important to know that today’s little ones were born with these on-demand television platforms. And for this reason, Netflix and some others have chosen to provide the possibility of creating a user profile for children so you can select the appropriate content for their age.

Every time they access the platform, they have unlimited access to appropriate series or movies and you won’t have to worry about the risk of them accessing violent or adult programs.

Be that as it may, this platform is committed to both quantity and quality. Therefore, it’s an ideal place for the little ones to enjoy and have a great time while learning fundamental lessons.

Chidlren lying on mattresses on the floor watching a Christmas movie on a projection screen.

Discover these children’s series with educational value from Netflix

In addition to being a source of entertainment, children’s series can help children internalize attractive values such as courage, companionship, solidarity, or friendship. Take note of our special selection.

1. Once upon a time… life

This is one of the great animation series in history. Decades ago, we enjoyed it as mothers, and now it is our little ones’ turn.

You’ll see how they can get to know their body in a pleasant and enjoyable way. From the brain to the feet, children will take an epic and fun journey through the functioning of the bloodstream, cells, nerves, platelets, and all the organs of our body.

2. The PAW Patrol

This series stars a group of puppies who live unique adventures as they try to help others.

Therefore, while your children laugh at the mischief of the protagonists, they learn about teamwork, respect, equality, and problem-solving.

3. Beat Bugs

This Netflix original series follows the adventures of a group of funny critters who never stop getting into trouble. They enjoy a lush garden in which they explore values such as friendship, solidarity, and companionship.

And all this to the rhythm of unbeatable music, as the songs of The Beatles sound interpreted by world-famous singers, such as Pink and Robbie Williams.

4. Pocoyo

Now, we’re talking about a television classic that, born in Spain, has transcended borders to land on Netflix around the world.

Here, we follow the adventures of a three-year-old boy, accompanied by his inseparable friends and toys Pato, Elly, Nina, and more. Together with them, he learns and discovers his environment, understands how to manage his emotions, and deepens his sense of friendship.

5. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

A classic story of elves and fairies that takes place in a world full of magic. Here, the protagonists learn about conflict resolution through intellect, knowledge, and imagination. And at the same time, current issues such as ecology, social classes, among others, are discussed.

6. Go! Go! Cory Carson

In this Netflix children’s series, your child will follow the adventures of Cory, a racing car who has a great time while racing through the roads of Bumperton Hills. Throughout the episodes, our little ones explore interesting values such as friendship, family life, and the reward that comes after effort.

7. Julie’s Greenroom

A beautiful series starring the famous actress Julie Andrews, who seeks to bring the world of theater closer to children. To do this, we see the famous Greenies, puppets who experience great adventures. In addition, they show children what the world of circus, music, dance, and improvisation is like.

Educate your children in values with all the resources you have

These are, in our opinion, 7 excellent children’s series with educational value for children that are available on Netflix.

However, the variety of programming on this platform via streaming is very high and with a catalog that prioritizes quality above all else.

So, when you think about what to do with your children, take advantage of other titles such as Just in time, Storybots, Wild Kratts, Skylanders Academy, Trollhunters, or Tarzan and Jane. All these options will please your little ones and you.

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