How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

OK, so we're still a few weeks away, but why not start collecting items to use in your very own homemade Advent calendar?
How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Last update: 23 November, 2019

With the holiday season fast approaching, we inevitably start to think of Christmas, and the shops start to stock certain Christmas items. So, we’re getting in there first to show you how to make an advent calendar at home. We’ve got lots of ideas to share with you!

When you make an advent calendar at home, then you end up with something quite unique and fun to enjoy in the days leading up to Christmas. The other advantage is the joy it brings when you create something beautiful at home with your little ones.

There are dozens of very easy models to choose from, and you can spend a great afternoon together as a family. You can also create one as a surprise for them. The idea is to maintain the spirit of magic and generosity, with plenty of special touches.

The origin of this custom is from the end of the 19th century in Germany. At that time, families awaited Christmas Eve, at the start of December, by hanging 24 Christmas images in their houses. They would then remove them one by one as each day passed.

Later, in the 1920s, companies started to market advent calendars with chocolates inside, to bring even more excitement to the children.

The true advent calendar should begin on December 1st and end on the 24th – the long-awaited Christmas Eve. Each day has a door of its own, behind which you can illustrate the many different values that Christmas represents. These can be generosity, friendship, love, and so on.

One way to make your advent calendar more attractive is to add small surprises behind each door. These can be either treats or objects related to the story.

For those looking for an excuse to make crafts, this is a special opportunity that you shouldn’t let pass by.

Building your own advent calendar will incur very little expense. This popular tradition can be made without having to buy very much at all, and with just a few hours of your time.

How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

This traditional Christmas object is great fun for adults and children alike. For the latter, it’s a way of explaining the meaning that each culture and each family gives to Christmas.

In addition, children who are learning to count will find it to be a useful teaching resource. They’ll also become familiar with the days of the week and the months.

Build your own advent calendar with what you have at home

When it comes to building your own advent calendar, there are no limits in terms of materials, design or style. You can combine different objects and textures to get very impressive results.

How to Make Your Own Advent Calendar

As far as materials go, we can use anything from kitchen roll holders to plastic bottle tops. All types of cardboard packaging can be used, as well as string, leaves, other objects in nature, recycled toys, wood, and fabrics. The list is endless!

Interesting ideas for your advent calendar

Now we’re going to look at some easy ideas to help us build our own advent calendar with things we already have around the house:

Kraft paper bags: If we have some already-made bags, all the better. However, we can also make our own with a size of 4 by 6 inches. We should then cut circles out from colored paper, and number them all accordingly. The calendar is now starting to take shape.

For the presentation: A good idea is to either use clothes pegs for each numbered bag. However, you can also glue them directly onto a backing. Into each bag, you can put a Christmas object and a sweet, which will make the wait for Christmas day even more joyful.

Molds, cones, and glasses

Cupcake molds: This is a very easy way to build your own advent calendar. Choose some very colorful molds and a cute lined box to store them in – this will give your calendar a very chic look.

Cardboard cones: 24 cones made from paper or cardboard, hanging on a string decorated with mistletoe will make a great Christmas garland. You thread the string through all the cones, and make a cardboard cover for each one to secure them (and reduce the temptation for the kids!). After that, close up the base using a small Christmas bell.

Paper cups: Here we simply decorate each cup with the appropriate number made out of cardboard or craft foam. These can also be painted with gold glitter for a good Christmas effect. The good thing about these cups is that there is plenty of room for a Christmas gift to go inside.

Finally, what sort of gifts can go in the calendar? You can make these at home, too: cookies, chocolate bonbons, small decorated pines, dolls made with bottle caps, red bows…again, the list is endless. Have fun creating your advent calendar this year!

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