Ideal Books to Address Self-Esteem with Children

Addressing self-esteem from childhood is essential to ensure a good personal and psychological development in children.
Ideal Books to Address Self-Esteem with Children

Last update: 27 March, 2020

In the world we live in, addressing self-esteem from childhood is essential, both to face and overcome problems, such as bullying, and to develop a personality of self-love and self-respect.

Each person must accept and love themselves for who they are. It’s necessary to understand that we all have different qualities that make us stand out and flaws we can improve.

The pressure that currently exists due to the standards of beauty and perfection makes even adults incapable of loving themselves as they are. How can we address self-esteem in children?

One of the best tools for this is children’s books. These books will help teach children to accept and love themselves as they are.

Books to address self-esteem in children

1. I Don’t Want Curly Hair! by Laura Ellen Anderson

Accepting one’s body is closely related to self-esteem. In this case, the story focuses on the main character’s hair, as she completely hates it.

Ideal Books to Address Self-Esteem with Children

In this fun story, the children will see the main character trying to straighten her hair in different ways, but to no avail. After meeting a girl with straight hair who would love to have curly hair, the main character realizes that everyone needs to accept themselves as they are and that all hair types are beautiful.

Children will enjoy its very dynamic and colorful illustrations and fun story, while they work on their self-esteem just as the main character in the book does.

2. Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph

This is definitely one of the best illustrated books to address self-esteem with children ages three and up, as it stars a small wiener dog.

It’s a very simple story with striking illustrations that are very easy to understand. Also, it shows a much needed and applicable message for both adults and children: it isn’t a matter of fitting in but of being yourself.

Throughout its pages, the children will see that the wiener dog is completely different from the other dogs around her. After a long journey, the wiener dog realizes that the important thing is to always be yourself and not lose your identity.

3. Abigail the Whale by Davide Cali

Abigail’s story is a story of personal triumph. Abigail is the main character of this story, and she’s a little “chubby.” His biggest hobbies are diving into the pool and swimming.

However, all her classmates laugh at her because she makes a huge splash every time she dives into the pool. They also make fun of her because of her weight.

Due to all of these circumstances, Abigail is sad and has low self-esteem. However, the words of her swimming teacher change Abigail’s perspective.

This story, with simple texts and beautiful illustrations, is ideal for showing children that changing their thought patterns and perspective will help make things easier.

More books to address self-esteem

4. Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival

Norman’s fear of rejection is the plot of this book. This is because Norman has always been normal… until he suddenly grows wings! Norman is delighted with his new wings but is afraid of the reaction of the people around him, so he decides to hide them.

This is a good story to address self-esteem with children and show them the importance of loving themselves just as they are and being happy with themselves.

Ideal Books to Address Self-Esteem with Children

5. I’m Going with Me by Raquel Díaz Reguera, one of the best books to address self-esteem

The cover of this wonderful book to address self-esteem completely defines its essence. Are you willing to change the best parts of who you are to please others? Is it really worth it?

This book is about first love, the one you probably experienced in school, where you tried your hardest to be noticed by the boy or girl you liked.

And that’s exactly what happens to the main character of the story. The problem is that Martin, the boy she likes, doesn’t notice her. From that moment on, the main character’s friends give her advice to change certain physical and personality traits so that Martin notices her.

In addition to the fun and beautiful illustrations, the message of this book is one of the best you can offer your children: that you should never give up on being yourself to please others.

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