The Best Children's Books About Villains

Princes and princesses, and heroes and heroines have always been the favorite characters of children's stories. But in the books we want to tell you about today, all of that changes. Keep reading to discover the best children's books about villains.
The Best Children's Books About Villains

Last update: 29 November, 2020

Today we want to talk about the best children’s books about villains. It’s true that throughout history, admirable heroes and heroines have usually been the main characters of stories and tales. And, of course, they always overcame their adversaries. The “bad guys” were always in the background in these stories.

However, for some time now, the world’s biggest movie company producing children’s movies, Walt Disney, has decided to give prominence to these characters. Maleficent, Cruela de Vil, and Ursula, among many others, also have leading roles. Are you ready to learn more about them?

The figure of villains in Disney movies

Films like The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty or 101 Dalmatians have always had their evil characters in the background. However, have you ever asked yourself what led these characters to act the way that they do? For example, the movie Maleficent provides proof that something happened to the villain of Sleeping Beauty to make her so evil.

The Best Children's Books About Villains
Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Feature Animation

The first Disney movie entirely starring a villain shows us how Maleficent aims to protect her kingdom from invaders and to remain peaceful. However, she suffers a terrible betrayal that transforms her into a person eager for revenge.

Due to the success that the first Maleficent film caused among the public, Disney released a second part in 2019. Again, the villain was the star of the film.

Disney has known how to take advantage of the public’s welcoming of the other side of this classic princess story. And, in this sense, it’s published a series of children’s books about villains that will delight the little ones and allow them to get to know these characters more deeply.

Gone are the perfect, charming, and very methodical main characters. Disney wants to convey the message that none of us are perfect and that there are certain actions that lead us to act in a certain way.

Such is the importance that Disney’s currently giving its villains that its new digital platform, Disney+, features a series that exclusively features villains.

Children’s books about villains

Villains: The Evilest of Them All

Every child has a preferred Disney character and it’s almost always a hero, heroine, princess or prince. However, there’s always some who look beyond and choose a villain as their favorite character.

For these children, and any child that’s interested in digging deeper into their favorite Disney stories, this book may become their favorite. For children ages 7 and up, the pages of Villains: The Evilest of Them All will reveal each of their most evil acts. In this way, one of them will arise with the title of the most evil. So, who do you think will win?

Villains coloring book

Children love to paint and color. But what if, in addition, they have the chance to paint the worst villains from Disney movies? This coloring book will be their companion for a long time.

The layout of the book presents one page per villain. Therefore, once they finish coloring, children will be able to put them on display or give them to anyone they want.

Fairest of All, one of the most interesting children’s books about villains

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

The Best Children's Books About Villains
Walt Disney Pictures

These are the words that most represent one of Disney’s best-known villains: Snow White’s stepmother. Everyone knows the story of the stepmother’s envy of Snow White’s beauty and happiness. However, no one’s asked why the stepmother suffers from such envy.

In this book, recommended for people over 12 years old, you’ll be able to discover the origin of the stepmother’s transformation. Up until now, the evil stepmother’s past was a mystery, but this enthralling book changes everything.

Mistress of Evil

With a similar structure to the previous book, this time we’ll know what led Maleficent to be so evil. This story is recommended for children ages 12 and draws them in as they discover more behind the story that they’ve known since they were little.

Poor Unfortunate Soul

Due to the success of the other two children’s books about villains that we mentioned earlier, Disney has decided to continue to publish more books about villains. Ursula, the villain of the movie The Little Mermaid, is the protagonist of this fantastic story.


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