Children's Books with Augmented Reality

If we combine the digital world and the paper world, then we can get some wonderful augmented reality books like the ones we'll describe below.
Children's Books with Augmented Reality

Last update: 14 October, 2019

New technology and the world of children’s literature have come together to create new types of books that are delighting children all around the world. Publishers are aware of the importance of digital technology in children’s lives. And that’s why they’ve created children’s books with augmented reality.

Today we’re bringing you a selection of these fantastic books that will help children to concentrate and focus. At the same time, they’ll encourage their taste for literature and allow them to use electronic devices to enhance the experience.

Children’s books with augmented reality

1. Friends?

The Kokinos publishing house has, among all its fantastic collections of books, one entitled Animated Tales. In all the stories in this collection, they offer a free augmented reality application along with the physical books.

The main character in the story is an adorable yeti. Throughout the pages of the book and the beautiful snowy landscapes, he’ll bring readers a story of true friendship.

This is a fun book recommended for children from four years of age. The fact that it comes with the augmented reality application makes it even more special. And, if that weren’t enough, it deals with one of the most important values ​​during childhood: friendship.

Children's Books with Augmented Reality

2. The Hungry Wolf, one of the best children’s books with augmented reality

In addition to being a children’s book with augmented reality, The Hungry Wolf is also a fully interactive book. Children can enjoy the fun characters in the story through the augmented reality application. In addition, they’ll also have the option of carrying out other types of activities within the book itself.

This book is part of the Parramón publishing house’s Creative Tales collection. They also include pages to color, paint, cut, or glue, thus helping children to have an enjoyable time without losing the essence of reading.

The main character, as you’ll have guessed, is a wolf, for whom things don’t go exactly as he would have wanted.

The wonderful combination of technology and hands-on interactivity makes this an ideal book for children to have.

3. Olili and Her Adventures

Olili and Her Adventures is a collection of 10 books that the author, Olivia Cabellos, wrote in an autobiographical fashion. It’s a collection of bilingual books in which the author recounts different funny anecdotes from her childhood that children will really love.

In this collection, six of the books have a complementary application. In addition to showing some of the illustrations with augmented reality, it also includes games relating to the book, in which Olili is the main character.

4. The mud giant

The Mud Giant includes everything you could possibly want to make it an indispensable book for children. First of all, it’s a bilingual book that can be read and heard in both English and Spanish. In this way, children will also be encouraged to learn languages.

Secondly, the central theme of this story is bullying, and it focuses on overcoming difficult situations. This is, of course, a very important topic that children have to know and learn about in order to apply it to their school lives.

Children's Books with Augmented Reality

Thirdly, all these components can be enjoyed through an augmented reality application that comes with the book. Because of this, it’s a great tool for teachers to use at school, and for parents to use at home. They’ll be able to raise awareness about this important topic, while also letting the children enjoy these new types of books.

5. iScience, a children’s book with augmented informational reality

Including augmented reality in scientific books is a really great tool. In this way, children will learn about all the natural phenomena that occur in the world in a very realistic way.

In its pages, the children will find all sorts of information that will inspire them to want to become scientists. There is also the opportunity to be able to conduct their own experiments. This will definitely become one of their favorite books because of all the activities they can get involved with by using it.

The publisher includes other similar books in the same collection, such as iDinosaurs. Most children are totally inspired by dinosaurs, and, because of that, they’ll definitely love this book!

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