The Best Spanish Children's Bedtime Stories

Children's bedtime stories are the best way to spend quality time with your children and also put technology aside. Don't hesitate to read your child a story every night!
The Best Spanish Children's Bedtime Stories
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Written by Yamila Papa

Last update: 27 December, 2022

You should always read to your children at night, even though mobile devices seem to have won the battle against physical books nowadays. But the great thing about technology is that you can use it to find many children’s bedtime stories online that don’t take up any space at home. In this article, we’ll provide a list of some of the best ones!

The best Spanish children’s bedtime stories

You may not have enough creativity to make up a new story every night or you may have run out of options. Pay attention to these great children’s bedtime stories:

1. El gato que soñaba con alcanzar la luna (In English: The Cat Who Dreamed of Reaching the Moon)

Many years ago, in a village in the middle of a mountain, each family had a cat. At night, the cats took to the rooftops and talked about their days. One of them, Figaro, spent many hours looking at the moon. He was fascinated with its silvery reflection that lit up the entire town.

Other cats laughed at him because, instead of hunting mice, he looked at the moon every night. Figaro was happy and thought that he’d reach her someday, hug her, and tell her how beautiful she is. Weeks passed, and the other cats stopped paying attention to Figaro, until no one saw him on the roof as usual.

A cat called Calypso looked up and saw him there, hugging the moon. If you look closely at the full moon, you’ll find Figaro hugging his friend. The only ones who see him are those with dreamer souls.

2. Cuento para dormirse contento (In English: A Story to Help You Fall Asleep Happy)

There was once a boy or girl who was named (say the name of your son or daughter) who didn’t want to go to bed when their parents asked them to. Thus, their parents decided to give them a toy to look after them while they slept.

The Best Spanish Children's Bedtime Stories

One starry and full moon night, the toy woke up and said to the child, “Hi, I’m Bob, I’m made of cloth and cardboard. Do you want to wash your face with soap and water with me?” The boy said, “I didn’t know you could speak.” Then, Bob replied, “Only on starry and full moon nights, and if you go to bed early and mind your parents the other nights.” From that day on, the child hugged the toy and fell asleep happy, waiting for the next full moon.

3. El monstruo escondido en el armario (In English: The Monster Hiding in the Closet)

This is the story of Andrew, a boy who had to move to another city with his family and leave his school friends behind. The good news is that his new room was much bigger than his old one and he had a giant closet to himself. The first night in his new home, he realized that something was living in his closet.

He was obviously too scared to sleep, until he mustered enough courage to open the door to see what was inside. He found a hairy ball watching him closely! The monster who lived in the closet became his best friend and, from that moment on, he felt safe and happy in his company.

4. El sol y la luna se casan (In English: The Sun and the Moon Get Married)

One day, mouse daddy came running to the burrow to give his family the good news: “The sun and the moon are getting married!” Mouse mommy said that their marriage wouldn’t last because one is awake during the day and another during the night. Mouse grandmother said that they would have beautiful children, only comets and stars. And their godparents would be the planets!

The Best Spanish Children's Bedtime Stories

The eldest mouse son said that if they got married and had children, they’d all be suns. Thus, there would be no more night. But while they all deliberated on the future marriage, the youngest mouse son was lost in thought. When he grew up, he’d love to find a love similar to the sun and the moon’s. It was so beautiful!

What did you think about these Spanish children’s bedtime stories? We’re sure your children will love them. Don’t hesitate to read them to your child tonight before bed!

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