Children's Books About Magic

Everybody loves magic. This is why we think children will love this selection of books about magic.
Children's Books About Magic

Last update: 25 May, 2021

No matter how old they are, children (and adults) love magic shows and magic tricks. This is because, during these shows, people enjoy illusion and fantasy, and they get the chance to let their imagination run wild. Besides, it’s a great moment to be amazed and laugh. For this reason, we’ll talk about children’s magic books.

There’s something about magic that makes it so special. In addition, it stimulates children’s minds and imagination, and it sharpens their attention and visual acuity. This is why we’ll dedicate this article to magic and fantasy.

Children’s books about magic

Books about magic.

1. Mis Primeros Trucos de Magia (My First Magic Tricks)

This is a perfect book for children, who decide to continue spreading the enchantment of magic as adults. Sometimes, when kids go to a magic show, they become passionate and curious about this amazing world. And, this book counts on the perfect resources to continue spreading the world of magic.

Through its pages, you’ll find different magic tricks and the tools you’ll need to perform them. Luckily, you’ll find at home most of the things you’ll need for the magic tricks because they’re all pretty basic objects.

2. Little Wizard

The first book we mentioned was about helping children become magicians. In this case, it’s a children’s book about one.

More specifically, while reading this book, you’ll get to know a little magician who can’t fly. This makes him feel very sad because the other magicians don’t want to be his friends.

Later in the story, the little boy meets a dragon, and they’ll become close friends and forget about the rest. This is a fantastic story to talk about self-confidence and the importance of values, such as friendship.

3. Bilembambudin o el Ultimo Mago (The Last Magician or Bilembambudin)

This funny story comes from the famous publishing house, Alfaguara. Jeremias, the last magician, takes Aldana to Bilembambudin’s kingdom, in order to carry out a very important mission.

This is a very simple book with a really funny story that children will love. By reading it, kids will find dragons, talking mice, ghosts, and the characters’ bravery to face all these obstacles and fight for their goals.

Magic tricks.

4. Three Wise Kings and a Wish

Undoubtedly, when we talk about the world of magic, magicians are the first characters that come to our minds. We imagine them wearing a top hat and a wand.

However, there are three well-known characters that every year perform the same kind of magic for children all over the world. Of course, we’re talking about the three wise kings.

This is why we wanted to include this book in today’s article. Can you imagine having the chance to gather Santa Claus and the three wise kings in one story? Well, that’s what happens here.

Actually, this happens because one of the three wise kings breaks his leg right before the big night. Therefore, he won’t be able to deliver gifts to children. In order to solve this problem, a little girl travels all the way to Lapland, to ask Santa for help.

This is a really funny book for children over six years old, which includes fantastic drawings to attract the little ones’ attention.

Children’s books about magic

Now, with this selection of books we’ve just mentioned, there’s no excuse not to introduce children to this fantastic and entertaining world. What are you waiting for?

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