Creative and Personalized Storybooks for Children

One of the best gifts you can give your children is a personalized storybook. Particularly those where your children are the protagonists of their own story.
Creative and Personalized Storybooks for Children

Last update: 15 June, 2021

Trends are always changing and everything is one click away. All the information you receive and everything you do every day is personalized to your needs. All of this is due to the new technologies of data collection from different sites. Children’s literature is no different. The typologies of books keep changing and children have a lot of variety to choose from. Personalized storybooks are one type of book that’s become very successful.

Next, let’s learn about personalized storybooks and why they’ve become a success around the world.

A teen reading personalized story books.

Characteristics of personalized storybooks

One of the most remarkable characteristics of personalized storybooks is that they’re ageless. There are publishers that create this kind of book for children and teenagers. Although, they’re more popular among children between the ages of five and twelve years old.

Using personalized storybooks at the beginning

Starting from the age of five, children start reading. It’s a great time to develop a love for reading. One of the best books that parents can read with their children is one where they’re the protagonist of the story.

Preteens and personalized storybooks

Another key age to start reading is between the ages of ten and twelve. It’s very simple: preteens start losing interest in reading.

If you offer them personalized storybooks that reflect their favorite subjects or characters, you’ll give them reasons to enjoy a good story.

Children reading personalized story books.

Customizable elements in stories

At first, there was just one customizable element in this type of book. They used the child’s name as the protagonist of the story. They’re so successful and you can see different customizations and completely personalized books for the reader.

Physical descriptions

Physical descriptions are one of the most popular customizations. The pictures and texts help them imagine themselves in the stories.

This characteristic helps children develop their imagination and focus their attention on the story.

Personal information

Another great choice is using the child’s personal information: birthday, their hometown, the name of one of their friends, parents, or the school they go to. Placing these important details throughout the story will keep the child entertained and engaged.

Pictures and drawings in personalized storybooks

As previously stated, pictures are important in children’s literature. These can create great stories by themselves and encourage their imagination and creativity.

Therefore, one of the most interesting customizations is using the child’s pictures or drawings.

Books to address self-esteem in children.

Where to get personalized storybooks

At first, only children’s publishing houses started offering these books. However, as time went on and thanks to its success, there are specialized publishers for these books. Some even offer customizable books for adults, since it’s a great present to give.

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