Discover Egypt Through Children's Literature

Recreating the past is now possible through children's literature. In this article, we’ll share some books that’ll allow you and your children to discover Egypt.
Discover Egypt Through Children's Literature

Last update: 21 February, 2020

Today, you’ll discover Egypt through children’s literature with these fantastic and fascinating books on Egyptian history that will delight both young and old.

History can be a fascinating subject for children if you use appropriate words and images to explain it. The differences between eras are very prominent, which is why it’s normal for children to feel admiration for many of them at the same time.

However, one of the most striking historic periods and places is Egypt. Children love its pyramids and pharaohs and they’re always willing to learn more about the Egyptian civilization.

Discover Egypt through children’s literature

Tutankhamen’s Tomb: Uncover the Secrets and Treasures of Ancient Egypt by Jen Green

This book will allow you and your children to discover two of the most important elements of this stage of history: tombs and Tutankhamen. This book will fascinate both young and old, as it includes a lot of information about Egypt in its pages. You’ll discover the everyday life and habits of the Egyptians, hieroglyphics, and the Pharaohs.

Discover Egypt Through Children's Literature

You’ll also learn all about mummification and how Egyptians understood death. All with countless pop-up pages, pull tabs, wheels, and flaps for you to enjoy while you and your child read, learn, and have fun together.

Egypt by Pau Joan Hernández

Each of the double pages of this book show the smallest elements of Egyptian life: the gallery of the Egyptian gods, tombs, pyramids, and the banks of the Nile River, among other things. This book is filled with illustrations and includes several activities for children so they can read and have fun at the same time.

Construye una pirámide (In English: Build a Pyramid) by Nicholas Harris

Building different things has always attracted the attention of children. Therefore, Susaeta publishing house decided to take advantage of this hobby that young children enjoy to publish a collection of books that allow children to build things.

More specifically, this book allows children to build a pyramid. Due to their size and unusual shape, pyramids really attract children’s attention. This book lets them make a scale model of one of them.

In addition to doing this activity with all the necessary instructions, they’ll also have the opportunity to learn all kinds of information related to the pyramids. Their history, advantages, and uses are some of the things your child will learn while they become true Egyptian architects with this book.

Discover Egypt Through Children's Literature

Egyptomania by Carole Saturno, one of the books to discover Egypt

Before you even open this book, you know you’ll find fantastic illustrations inside. This is because its cover makes it obvious that it’s a very colorful and eye-catching book.

This is a book that contains a lot of information. Therefore, it’s suitable for those who want to know a bit more about the Egyptian civilization. This is because it includes all the important topics of this stage of history.

Each of its pages talks about a different topic of Egypt, such as information on the Nile, embalming, or the Pharaohs, among many others. In addition, when you and your child finish reading it, you’ll both find more information in abstracts and glossaries about hieroglyphs or Egyptian chronology.

Meet the Ancient Egyptians by John Malam

Children love learning about the wonders of Egypt. This book is recommended for children five and up. We’re sure it’ll fascinate them.

The book includes texts that are recommended for children who already know how to read fluently. However, its fantastic illustrations make it a book suitable for all ages. This book belongs to the collection The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott (the book’s illustrator). The best part is that it allows children to learn about all topics related to Egypt!

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