Children's Books to Improve Attention and Concentration

Developing a range of skills and abilities since children are young is essential for their development. Discover books to improve attention and concentration here!
Children's Books to Improve Attention and Concentration

Last update: 23 March, 2020

Today we’ve decided to share a selection of children’s books to improve attention and concentration in a fun, easy, and entertaining way.

Nowadays, children are exposed to many stimuli. For this reason, it’s becoming increasingly important for them to be able to focus on and pay attention to a particular thing or activity.

Several games can help children develop this set of capabilities. However, other tools, such as children’s books, are also ideal for developing these skills.

Children’s books to improve attention and concentration

The Odd One Out: A Spotting Book by Britta Teckentrup

This type of book is one of the best to help children improve and develop the capacities of attention and concentration. The repetitive structure of its pages makes children have to concentrate on them so they can distinguish the element that’s different from the rest.

The stars of this book are animals. Children love books that feature animals, meaning this is an added incentive for them.

Children's Books to Improve Attention and Concentration

The structure of each of the pages of this book is the same. On the right, the reader will find a few poetry rhymes. These rhymes will give them a clue to the animal that’s different in the accompanying illustration on the left.

Due to the book’s success, the author published a sequel titled Where’s the Pair? This time, the reader has to find not only a different animal but a different pair.

Then, the author published the third part, titled Where’s the Baby? With a similar theme to the first two books, in this book, children will have to look for the babies of different animals in its pages.

Search and Find Book Collection by Thierry Laval

As the name suggests, the titles that make up this fantastic collection, recommended for children ages three and up, have a similar structure. Each of these titles is aimed at a different theme, such as:

Each of the pages of the different titles consists of two flaps that open as a window. These flaps are objects to look for once it’s been opened.

The most striking moment for children is when they open the flaps and discover the fantastic and detailed illustrations. It’s a nice way to learn, discover, enjoy books, and improve capabilities. These books are recommended for children ages four and up.

Children's Books to Improve Attention and Concentration

More children’s books to improve concentration and attention

The Mouse Mansion by Karina Schaapman

The pages of this fantastic and different book provide an endless source of information. When reading it, children will discover the story of Julia and her friend Sam, who live in the Mouse Mansion. However, what will attract children’s attention the most is that they won’t find illustrations in its pages but real scale models of the author’s house.

This is one of the best children’s books to improve attention and concentration. It allows children to look for different objects and focus their attention on the many details within its pages.

Where’s Wally? by Martin Handford

We just couldn’t leave this book out from this list. This character, characterized by his glasses, blue jeans, and red-and-white striped jersey and hat, has accompanied generations.

This book is undoubtedly the pioneer of children’s books to improve attention and concentration. This book collection has countless titles, which are located in different parts of the world and enjoyed by young and old alike.

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