7 Mystery Books for Kids

Mystery books are one of the genres that kids love most. They develop their imagination while enjoying exciting adventures.
7 Mystery Books for Kids

Last update: 09 March, 2020

Mystery books for children arouse their imagination and make them more creative and adventurous in real life. When it comes to choosing a book to read, lots of kids choose mysteries.

Mysteries involve adventures, action and intrigue. In addition, kids feel like they’re a part of everything that’s happening in the story. If your child likes this genre, here’s a list of mystery books they’ll surely love.

Collections of mystery books for children

1. Kika Superwitch

Although this collection was published 12 years ago, Kika Superwitch  is still a very popular series for kids. In addition, it’s best for kids ages 8 and up.

In this series, Kika Superwitch, Detective is the first book where we meet our protagonist. She’s an adventurer who begins investigating her mom’s stolen bike. However, she ends up realizing that she can do magic!

2. Perrock Holmes, Two and a Half Detectives

As you can see in the title, Perrock Holmes is a series for little future detectives. In fact, the protagonists are two kids and a dog, Perrock Holmes, who can read the minds of people who scratch his belly. 

This is a simple and fun series for children ages nine and older. In addition, they will surely devour these books for the fun and interesting story.

7 Mystery Books for Kids

3. Four and a Half Friends, another collection of mystery books for kids

From Edebé publishing house, this is another great series of mystery books for kids.

In this series, four kids are the protagonists, as well as their faithful detective dog. Then, all of them will immerse themselves in cases they have to solve.

4. Agatha Mistery

This series emulates Sherlock Holmes, and it stars Agatha and Larry. Then, in each adventure, the main characters will solve puzzles that take them around the world. For example, they go to the Norwegian fjords, Venice, an African Safari, and more. Will the two protagonists get to solve all of the cases in the books?

These stories, recommended for kids ages seven and up, will definitely get kids’ attention. In addition, it will spark their passion for reading.

More mystery books for children

5. The Missing Picture

The title explains that a painting is missing. The main characters are animals, and it has a great plot to keep kids on the edge of their seat until the end.

The Missing Painting is one of the books that emulate adult police novels. In addition, kids will definitely be hooked throughout the story.

6. The Red-Headed League

This story is best for 12-year-olds and up. Wilson, a red-headed leader, goes to visit the famous Sherlock Holmes and Watson. He wants to solve the puzzle of the mysterious dissolution of the league of redheads, which he himself belonged to.

7 Mystery Books for Kids

The detective plot of this story will keep readers hooked to the very last page. In addition, it has incredible illustrations that will make kids even more excited to learn about history.

7. Genaro and the Mystery of the Green Backpack

Ananya publishing house has one of the most important and well-known collections in the history of children’s literature, The Green Goblin. Therefore, within this collection is this book, Genaro and the Mystery of the Green Backpack where Genaro is the main character.

Genaro is a boy who loves to play detective and solve all the mysteries that happen at his school. In this story, the disappearance of school supplies will lead him and his friends to solve a great puzzle.

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