When to Take Kids to Cultural Events

Find out when to start taking your children to cultural events. First, you need to see if they see the beauty and usefulness in these shows.
When to Take Kids to Cultural Events

Last update: 11 February, 2020

If kids think cultural events are boring, they may never learn to like them. Therefore, it’s important to know when the perfect moment is for your children to start enjoying the arts.

When we talk about the arts, we mean events related to culture. For example, this can include art exhibitions, trips to learn about history and architecture, art shows, visits to galleries and museums, etc.

Obviously, when we talk about these events, it’s important that they’re made for your child’s age. On the other hand, you need to show your child that these activities are attractive, entertaining, fun, exciting and inspiring.

When to take children to cultural events

Interestingly, there are lots of cultural events made for kids as young as two years old. For example, there are puppet shows, plays, the circus, and more.

When to Take Kids to Cultural Events

Experts at the Open University of Catalonia studied this. According to their research, these types of events can be very helpful for babies. However, they aren’t good before they’re two years old.

Of course, it’s important to take your children to family-friendly activities. Remember, kids at two years old have very limited attention and concentration. That is, they might lose interest in what they’re watching if it’s not designed to be fun for toddlers.

These shows need to be able to capture their auditory and visual attention. It’s important to mention that they shouldn’t ever be longer than 45 minutes. In addition, there needs to be fun music and lots of colorful characters. That way, kids won’t get bored and lose interest.

Considerations to take into account

According to Professor Mireia Cabero, the head of Psychology and Education Studies at the Open University of Catalonia, it’s important to consider certain rules or restrictions when planning to take your child to a cultural event.

The first rule is to consider the nature of the show itself or event. If there are any scary characters, it’s best not to go. This is because they can affect kids’ nervous systems in a bad way.

Alba Colombo, professor of Arts and Humanities Studies at the OUC, points out that it’s always good to experience culture, whatever it may be. However, they need to be age-appropriate. It’s important for the event to focus on children.

When to Take Kids to Cultural Events

Shows for babies

In fact, cultural events for babies have become very popular in recent years. Babies have very specific needs. Therefore, these shows are made with babies in mind.

The OUC specialists warn that not all events are particularly useful. In fact, stimulating babies can also be done at home for free, and is very easy to do. Therefore, these cultural events aren’t really necessary for babies.

Experts admit that these types of shows aren’t all bad for babies. However, everything depends on the parents’ cultural habits. Yes, it’s true that, after a while, kids might start to like them.

That is, it can be a way to get kids interested in culture from an early age. It’s also a great way to encourage curiosity and motivation.

However, the most important thing is to use common sense when thinking about starting to take children to cultural shows. Choosing a good show that will keep their interest is essential.


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