11 Original Family Christmas Photo Ideas

Christmas is coming and it's time to come up with family Christmas photo ideas. Since this is a moment you'll want to cherish forever, we'll give you tips to take great pictures.

Last update: 09 December, 2020

Did you already come up with family Christmas photo ideas? When December arrives, it’s time to think about them. During the holidays, we usually take a lot of pictures. This is why we’ll give you tips to make your photos more special.

Adults and children look forward to Christmas. Because, we love the atmosphere during that time. Joy and happiness are everywhere. And, suddenly, everything is full of purpose and meaning, and we do our best to make that day unforgettable.

It’s gratifying to capture family memories with photographs. Later on, your children can turn to those pictures to remember their childhood and to show your grandchildren the essence of your loving family.

So, one of the best ways to celebrate and remember Christmas is taking photos. Next, we’ll share some ideas on how to take wonderful family Christmas photos.

11 original family Christmas photo ideas

Christmas wrap!

One of the Christmas photo ideas is to wrap the whole family in Christmas lights as if they were decorated by them. Don’t forget to make funny faces while taking the pictures.

White Christmas

Find some white confetti and place your children in front of the Christmas tree. Take one picture when they’re inhaling air, before blowing the confetti. Then, take a second picture when the confetti is in the air, imitating snow. Using these pictures, you can make a Christmas card. The first one could be on the cover, and the second one will surprise your family and friends, once they open the card.

11 Family Christmas Photo Ideas

Natural Christmas

Choose a spot in your garden and decorate it with Christmas ornaments. Then, put a red or white blanket on the ground and sit under the ornaments with your family. You should wear a Christmas sweater or hat for a more memorable picture.

Christmas heart

Another Christmas picture idea is to form a heart using two red and white candy canes. You have to place it in the foreground of the picture, and you and your loved one should grab a candy cane each and kiss.

Christmas reflection, one of the most original family Christmas photo ideas

You have to hold a silver Christmas ornament and try to get a reflection of your family. Then, take a picture of the ornament and make sure everyone is in it. This could be the most original picture you’ll take.

Christmas stairs

To take this picture, you need colored chalks. You have to draw a big pine tree on the pavement. Then, ask your children to lay on the ground as if they were climbing the tree, trying to put the star on top of it. It should look as if one of your children is stepping on their sibling’s shoulders.

Finally, you have to draw a star and make it look like it’s in the hand of the one located on top of the tree. Doing this, you’ll take a very sweet picture.

Special Christmas costumes, another original family Christmas photo idea

Ask your husband to dress up as Santa, your children as elves, your dog as a deer and you as Mrs. Claus. Then, make a Christmas scene and smile as if you would do this every day. You’ll keep this picture in your heart forever.

11 Family Christmas Photo Ideas

Christmas on trend

Since every year has a new trend, Christmas should adapt to it. Try to reproduce the latest trend. Then, smile and take the picture you’ll never forget.

Freaky Christmas

There are many movies and TV shows that you could copy, in order to make a Christmas scene. So, choose your favorite one and replicate it.

Christmas tradition

Don’t forget the classic Christmas picture. All the family members should wear the same color and give the picture a similar touch.

Christmas filter, the latest and most original family Christmas photo idea

There are no excuses for not taking a picture using Instagram Christmas filters. Taking a selfie with your whole family can be very fun.

Of course there are more original ideas for family Christmas pictures, but these are the ones we enjoy the most. Remember: what’s important is to capture the moment. So, enjoy taking these photos, have a good time with your family, celebrate and be grateful.

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