12 Ideas to Be a Fun Mom

These ideas for being a fun mom will give you a great time with your kids. Now it's time to put them into practice.
12 Ideas to Be a Fun Mom
Mara Amor López

Written and verified by the psychologist Mara Amor López.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

As a mother, one of the concerns I’ve always had, besides being a good mom, is to be a fun mom. We all know that parenting isn’t easy. There are so many things that we have to think about, like setting rules and limits, giving our kids attention, buying what they need, teaching them, pampering them, and, of course, having fun with our children.

Very often, our work rhythm and tiredness prevent us from spending the time we would like to spend with our children. We also wish we would spend more quality time with them too. So, we should plan our time better and try not to be boring mothers!

From time to time, we have to bring out that inner girl. This applies to dads too. So, in this article, we’ll bring you some ideas that you can do with your kids…you’ll have a blast!

Ideas for being a fun mom

Imagine you’re the age of your child

It’s often a good idea to forget for a while that we’re adults. We need to stop constantly doing things, running around to try to fulfill our obligations. Let yourself go and return to your childhood! Go back to when you were like them, and, if you think like them, you’ll play like them too. Go ahead and have fun!

Use your imagination more often to be a fun mom

Make up games together with your kids. They have amazing powers of imagination, and they’ll definitely be able to help you think of some great games. Life is much more fun when we let our imagination run wild. Does imagination have any limits? Of course not – let it run free!

12 Ideas to Be a Fun Mom

Include your children in your everyday tasks

It’s true that sometimes we find it impossible to find time to share with our children. So, in those times, why not let them take part in the tasks that we have to do as adults? In that way you’ll spend more time together as a family.

When you cook, for example, they can help you with the simplest things that you need to prepare. If you go shopping, they can help you push the cart. When you clean up, they can help you too. Try to think of as many ways of involving your children as possible, and put it into practice.

Play pranks with them

Why don’t you team up with them to play a prank on Dad? They’ll get so excited thinking that they’re going to play a prank together with you!

Make sure you smile

When your children are telling you what happened at school, instead of thinking about a thousand things and not listening to them, smile and take notice of them. We were born into this world to be happy, and smiling is a big part of that. Our children will thank us for it.

“The ability to laugh together is love.”

– Françoise Sagan –

Prepare surprises

When a special date approaches, we can prepare a surprise together with them in secret. They’ll be thrilled to know that they know something that other people don’t.

Have a tickle fight

Have a tickle fight on the sofa or the bed – it doesn’t matter if the cushions or pillows go flying everywhere or if you both end up on the floor.

Organize a slumber party

Take advantage of a weekend without school and prepare a delicious dinner together. Let them choose what they want and then watch a movie together or play a game on the console with plenty of candy and popcorn. Think like a child and enjoy yourself!

More ideas for being a fun mom

Play with flashlights in the dark

One neat idea is to make figures on the wall using the light of the flashlight, for others to try to guess which animal (or other object) it is. We can also play spies and thieves.

Make a camp

Why not go camping together in the garden? If you don’t have a garden, then why not do it in the house? You can set up the sleeping bags in the living room and imagine you were in the countryside. If you prefer to do it outside, then there are plenty of real campsites you can go to as well. They’re sure to love it!

12 Ideas to Be a Fun Mom

Go on a picnic

We can take advantage of a nice spring day to go picnicking. They can choose what they want to take to eat, and so you just need to find a suitable place for the children and have fun together!

Dress up to be a fun mom

Why not dress up with whatever you have available at home? There are no restrictions – you can use anything. Think like a child. Afterwards, you’ll have to put away whatever you got out. Dad can play judge and say what the best costume was.

Painting on canvas

Another idea is to paint a picture together on canvas. Each one can choose their own colors and let their imagination fly. It doesn’t matter if you get dirty, it’ll all clean up later. Also, when you’ve finished, the children can choose where they want to hang it.

As you can see, being a fun mom isn’t that hard; we just have to let ourselves get carried away by our inner child. Our imagination can help us have so much fun with our children. I hope these ideas will help you get out of the rut of a boring life. It’s time to really have fun!

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