6 Series from the 90's to Relive Your Childhood

Make popcorn, sit on the couch, and relive your childhood along with your own kids with these 6 series from the 90's.
6 Series from the 90's to Relive Your Childhood

Last update: 15 March, 2021

Any time’s a good time to relive moments from your childhood. If, in addition, you can share those moments with your own kids, it’ll make you twice as happy. More specifically, today we want to focus on those afternoons when you turned on the TV after doing your homework to enjoy the best series of the 90’s.

To remind you of shows you may have forgotten, and allow you to enjoy those that are still available today, here’s a selection of some of the best series from the 90’s to relive your childhood.

Series from the 90’s

The Rugrats

In 1991, this TV series starring a group of babies premiered. Tiny adventurers in diapers are the main characters of this fun series that’s full of these little babies’ antics and great imagination.

It’s won numerous awards and even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s also one of the longest-running children’s series in history, as it remained on the television grid until 2012.


You remember the feeling… As soon as you set foot inside school, you were already looking forward to recess time. And it’s during that space of time that one of our favorite children’s series from the 90’s takes place. Recess shows a group of friends with very different personalities and their adventures in the playground.

6 Series from the 90's to Relive Your Childhood
© Walt Disney Television Animation

The Simpsons

This is one of the series of the 90’s that, without a doubt, doesn’t need any description. That’s not only because of its tremendous impact on popular culture, but also because it ran for 31 seasons before airing its final episode in 2020. This disastrous but endearing and hilarious family has hooked all kinds of audiences since its beginnings.

6 Series from the 90's to Relive Your Childhood
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Let’s continue with more series from the 90’s for you to enjoy and reminisce about

The Smurfs

Although many people don’t know it, the Smurfs emerged from a book, more specifically, a comic book, in 1958. Although it was in the 80’s when they began to be broadcasted, in the 90’s they had their maximum splendor. In addition, at present, they have several movies projected on the big screen.

Pokémon, one of the most outstanding series from the 90’s

If we have to choose one of the children’s series that’s remained for posterity, without any doubt, this is one of them. As a result of the Pokémon video games, the television series was born. Who hasn’t dreamed at some point of being a Pokémon master and advancing with Pikachu?

The Powerpuff Girls

This is one of the first children’s series that began airing in 1998, starring three heroine and fighter girls: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. These three totally different personalities shared a common goal: to fight evil and all the bad guys that get in their way.


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