5 Ideas for Autumn Crafts with Children

Make the most of the fruits, plants, and fallen leaves that nature provides with these 5 ideas for autumn crafts with kids.
5 Ideas for Autumn Crafts with Children

Last update: 01 September, 2022

Here are some autumn craft ideas for kids that you can’t miss this year. What better time to stay at home and enjoy these crafts with your loved ones?

Take advantage of the gifts that Mother Nature gives us in this wonderful season and encourage your kids to get in touch with them. Take note of these ideas!

Autumn crafts to take advantage of cool evenings with the kids

Nature will be our faithful ally to forge these original creations. To do this, you need to get chestnuts, leaves, pine cones, acorns, and other fruits and plants that are typical of this beautiful season. Encourage your little ones to grab a cloth bag to start with the collection.

According to experts in the field, it’s best to take advantage of ochre colors, yellows, reds, oranges, and browns as a palette of inspiring shades of the season. This way, your decorating projects will be in tune with the autumn weather.

1. Chestnut dolls

Chestnuts are one of the typical autumn fruits, so gather a few and take them home to let your children’s imagination run wild.

To bring these little friends to life, proceed as follows:

  • Design a centipede with a few simple holes in the chestnuts and add a thin wire in the middle.
  • Make a spider (perfect also for decorating on Halloween) using pipe cleaners as legs.
  • Create a hedgehog using toothpicks as spikes.
Pinecone owls.
Pinecones are multipurpose items, so you can put them to any use you want in order to decorate. How about bringing some beautiful owls to life with them?

2. Animals with dried pine cones

Similar to the previous idea, we now encourage you to give life to the most diverse animals with pine cones fallen from the tree. Owls, chicks, spiders, or hedgehogs are perfect for this purpose.

Also, as paper doesn’t stick well to the pinecones, we recommend using pipe cleaners, plastic eyes, and felt for the designs. In addition, if you want the result to be even more original, you can paint the pine cone any color you like.

3. Autumn mobile, one of the most beautiful ideas for autumn crafts

If you’re expecting a baby around this time and want to make the decoration of your little one’s room or of your home special or make a very original gift, this craft is the right one for you. We’ll teach you how to make an autumn mobile that will hypnotize your children with the movement of its materials.


  • Sticks of different sizes
  • Pinecones
  • Acorn tops
  • Bells
  • Rustic yarn
  • Drill (adults only)

Step-by-step instructions

  1. On a flat table, place a large branch horizontally (this will be the base to hold the mobile).
  2. Then, place two smaller branches to secure its attachment.
  3. To prepare the items: Make a hole with the drill in each chestnut and in each pine cone and add more sticks so that each thread is in balance with the other materials.
  4. Finally, tie all the items together with rustic yarn, ending each strand with a small bell.

4. Acorn pendants

You’ll love these original pendants to celebrate that autumn is here. To make them, you’ll only need colored tempera paints, silicone, and a string to tie the acorns so that they don’t escape.

  1. First, decorate the body of the acorns with tempera paints in the colors you like the most.
  2. We recommend using the autumn palette: Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and ochres.
  3. If you prefer, you can also add faces to make them more friendly.
  4. Then, with a little silicone, attach a string to hang it around your neck.

5. Photo frames with branches

Take advantage of the dry branches that fall to the ground to create photo frames decorated with them. Without a doubt, a perfect craft to create with your kids and capture all the beautiful memories of vacations, important moments, or unforgettable birthdays around the house.

To make them, let your children decorate the photo frame with sticks and glue and then place their own drawings in it. They’ll love it!

A child arranging dry leaves on paper.
Encourage your children to go out in the cold and collect all the materials for an afternoon of art and pure fun!

Take shelter from the weather at home with these ideas to make fall crafts with your family

As corroborated by research carried out in 2016 by the University of Jaén, it’s important to take advantage of every season of the year for children to learn about their environment and give answers to different questions.

With this premise in mind, we hope you liked our autumn crafts and that you put them into practice with your children today. Which of them are you going to start with?

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