5 Crafts to Make with Yarn Pom-Poms

Today, we'll teach you how to make different crafts with wool pom-poms. You'll see that these options are a fantastic way to decorate or to make gifts.
5 Crafts to Make with Yarn Pom-Poms

Last update: 27 December, 2022

There are different crafts to make with yarn pom-poms and they can serve several purposes, from decorating your rooms, to being part of a very special gift. Handmade objects have a great sentimental value, especially when we make them in the company of those we love the most.

Do you like handicrafts and original creations? Then you can’t miss out on the following ideas, take note!

5 crafts to make with yarn pom-poms

Years ago, grandmothers used yarn to knit scarves, socks, or sweaters. But today we can rescue that heritage and present it to you with several amazing creations.

There are different ways to make your pom-poms, such as knitting them or putting them together using a fork. Once you have them, you can assemble some of the options we’ll describe below.

1. Bunnies

Who doesn’t like bunnies? Surely you have a special memory with a stuffed animal of this shape, so we’ll help you relive your childhood with this creation. Read the following steps carefully:

  • Select two pom poms to make the body and head (one smaller and one larger).
  • Tie them together with thread and a needle or tie them together with the pom-pom’s own yarn.
  • Then, trim the wool as if you were cutting the animal’s own hair.
  • Finally, add two felt ears and two buttons for the eyes.

2. Yarn pom-pom chicks

Yarn pom-pom chicks.

These beautiful little farm animals are intended for gifts or for decorating. They’re very easy to make, so get ready to make them with the little ones in your home. It’s a good way to spend your free time with them.

To make them, you only need two pompoms, but this time of the same size. Then, join or sew them together and, finally, glue on some buttons for the eyes. The mouth and legs can be made with small felt cutouts and glued with an appropriate adhesive.

3. Bears made of yarn pom-poms

These bears are similar to chicks, but with bigger pom-poms. For this reason, be sure to open the strands of the pompoms wide so that the two balls are well attached to each other.

To make the ears, eyes, and mouth, use felt and glue them to the pom-pom on the head.

4. Hair ties

If you’re looking for an original touch to give to your hair, this craft is for you. You’ll see that it’s very simple and useful.

Take a pompom and open it in half. Then, take a hair tie and wrap it between the strands. Tie a couple of strands together to attach the pompom and that’s it!

If you like this idea, we recommend that you also try it with headbands or ribbons. To do this, just glue the pompoms and wait for the glue to dry overnight. In addition to these yarn details, you can add other types of decorations, such as flowers, leaves, or an animal made of felt.

5. Homemade baby mobile with wool pompoms

Finally, we’ll present a craft that symbolizes the union between tradition and modernity.

If you have a friend who’s expecting a baby and you want to give her an original gift, or you want to give a personal touch to your child’s room, we suggest you hang different colored pom-poms on a wooden ring and anchor it to the ceiling.

Your guests will be impressed and the baby will be entertained watching how the pompoms sway in the breeze.

Pom-pom garlands hanging from the ceiling.

The heritage of our grandmothers is reinvented with yarn pompoms

According to a study developed by the Colegio Nuestra Señora del Castillo, wool pompoms are the perfect element for developing children’s imagination and creativity.

We invite you to share these ideas with your family and enjoy this textile tradition that has marked humanity together. Let’s get to work!

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