5 Balance Games for Children

Balance games not only stimulate this physical capacity, they're also a great way to entertain children. Keep reading to learn more!
5 Balance Games for Children
Andrés Felipe Cardona Lenis

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Last update: 16 December, 2022

Balance games focused on children play a more important role than you can imagine. Through this type of activity, various skills and physical abilities of all kinds are stimulated.

Although every child has an innate ability to maintain balance, it’s not always adequately developed. Therefore, it’s best to encourage it regularly. And what better way to do it than by means of fun games?

Balance games for children

Stimulating and strengthening the various physical abilities of children isn’t an easy task. Moreover, if you approach it only from theory, it can become a tedious task even for you.

With that in mind, we advise you to rely on more entertaining and easy-to-understand alternatives, such as games. Through this type of activity, you can work on the different areas of development while your children have fun.

Here are some playful ways to have fun with your children at home, in the yard, or in any environment. Take note!

1. The ballerina game

A falther and daughter wearing tutus and dancing ballet in their home.

The ballerina game involves a high degree of balance and concentration. We suggest turning it into a competition to motivate your children even more.

To play it, children stand up and raise their arms above their heads, just like a ballet dancer. Then, they must bend one leg and place their foot on the side of their knee.

From this position, they must perform a dance twist, and the first one to complete it will score a point. They may think it’s easy, but it’s quite complex.

2. Rope walking

Emulating the great circus performers is quite an entertaining option for children. Who doesn’t enjoy the circus and all its acrobats?

You can start by telling your children that this is one of the balance games needed to get them on the right track in this type of acrobatics. When it comes to performing it, you must extend a rope that’s not too thin on the ground.

The goal is for the little ones to cross the entire length of the rope without touching the ground. If they fall or touch the ground with one of their feet, they have to start again.

Remember that this activity requires considerable space to stretch out the rope and follow the course. We recommend you carry it out in an open field.

3. Water circuit

Children love circuits and they also love water, at least when it comes to playing with it. This activity mixes two of the most entertaining things, which you should take advantage of.

First, you should create a course with obstacles out doors, so that the children can go through the whole course. Then, you must place two containers, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the circuit. The first one will have water in it and the last one will be completely empty.

The objective of this activity is for each child to fill a plastic cup with water, complete the course without dropping the contents, and deposit it in the container at the end. Whoever fills it first is the winner!

4. Mummy or statue

This is one of the most basic balance games and can be practiced by children of any age. We recommend you carry it out in a group in order to motivate them more easily.

The mummy or statue game consists of moving around a given space while making any type of gesture or movement. Once you say the word ‘mummy’ or ‘statue’ the children must remain completely static in that position.

The child who moves during this time will have to comply with a challenge chosen by the other participants of the game.

5. The spoon and pompom game

The spoon and pompom game is another of the balance games considered to be a classic. Nevertheless, it’s always a hit.

To carry it out, we recommend you set up a simple circuit, without many obstacles, in an open field. Each child will have their own plastic spoon and pompom.

The child will hold the spoon with their mouth, placing the pompom in the widest part. Then, each child will have to go through the whole circuit with the ball on top of the utensil. If they drop it, they’ll have to start from the beginning.

Three children balancing on a fallen tree in the woods.

Balance games, look for an appropriate place

Although not all balance games require a large space, it’s best to find a safe environment where children can play freely.

Try to find an outdoor space and large areas of nature. In addition to stimulating this physical ability, you’ll be able to make them feel calm and constantly motivated.

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