Entertainment Apps for Kids

Kids can use electronic devices as educational tools. Find out about some of our top picks today.
Entertainment Apps for Kids

Last update: 17 February, 2021

Many times, everywhere we go, we see parents giving tablets or phones to their children in order to keep them entertained. This is a very common practice among parents. As a result, you can see kids using these devices whenever they’re restless, or even at the dinner table. Today, we’ll talk about some interesting entertainment apps for kids.

Even though children shouldn’t spend too much time in front of electronic screens, parents can sometimes make exceptions. Therefore, it’s important to know educational apps that can help your children learn new things. This is why, we’ll show you some entertainment apps, which can also be quite educational for your kids.

Entertainment apps for kids


Nowadays, learning languages has become an essential tool to get jobs, travel around the world and communicate with different people. Therefore, the sooner children become familiar with different languages, the faster they’ll learn. 

Entertainment Apps for Kids

Lingokids is a tool for little kids to learn English. Depending on the kids’ age and the knowledge they’ve already acquired, you’ll be able to choose different difficulty levels: words, simple sentences, complex expressions, etc. This entertainment app for kids is available on iOS and Android.

El búho boo, one of the best entertainment apps for kids

Since children love animals, this entertainment app will be their favorite one.

This app is ideal for children over two years old. El búho boo is a game in Spanish where children will have to identify the sounds of the different animals they see on the screen. Besides, this can be the first time they interact with electronic devices.

The only disadvantage so far is that it’s only available on Android.

iCuadernos by Rubio 

During summer break, children find it hard to continue studying. This is because they find school tasks quite boring.

However, now you can find digital notebooks with mathematics and language games and worksheets. iCuadernos by Rubio is available on iOS, and children get to work on touch screen activities. As a result, they’ll find an easy, simple and fun way to do homework.

More entertainment apps for kids

YouTube kids 

Even though this isn’t an activity app, we decided to include it in our selection because it’s much safer than the regular YouTube platform.

Entertainment Apps for Kids

The kids’ version is designed entirely for children. Therefore, you’ll find suitable content for them. Besides, adults can set up parental controls on the platform, and they can also create different profiles, according to their kids’ age.


Strategy games can also be quite educational for kids. By playing these games, children develop their cognitive abilities, attention, memory and mind. More specifically, Thinkrolls include 180 different levels children must complete. In addition, kids can choose two different difficulties.

Coloring book

Coloring books are one of the activities children enjoy the most. As an app, it promotes their imagination and creativity, no matter how old they are. This app is available on Android, and kids get the chance to paint different drawings that appear on the screens.

This is a very intuitive app. It includes simple drawings, and it’s ideal for little artists.

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