3 Short Stories for Babies

We invite you to discover 3 short stories for babies that are perfect for sharing a magical moment with your child. You'll love these stories!
3 Short Stories for Babies

Last update: 12 January, 2022

Even if it seems like your child is too young to understand a story, share one of these short stories for babies with them and you’ll be surprised!

It’s important to know that storytelling is a way to communicate with your child. In addition, it gives you the tools to connect with others through words, our most important human code.

With this in mind, short stories are perfect pieces to share with younger children, as they excite them and allow them to enjoy quite a bit.

“People have always told stories. Long before humanity learned to read and write, everyone listened to stories.”

-Gunter Grass-

To get started, we suggest that you choose simple stories, with colorful illustrations and with pleasant and funny stories. Here are 3 ideal options to start your reading routine today. Keep reading!

Short stories for babies

Get ready to read the stories and delight in the gestures and responses of your baby. They’re sure to have a great time and go to sleep with a great feeling.

1. The paper and ink

On the table in a house, there were several sheets of a pristine sheet of paper. They were all the same: Clean and radiant. Until a pen with ink began to stain one of them.

The stained sheet of paper got very angry and said to the ink, “With your spots, you’ve made me dirty and you’ve ruined me forever.”

You’re wrong, I didn’t make you dirty. I endowed you with beautiful words and now you’re different. You’ve become a message and you’re something unique and of great value,” the ink replied very wisely and calmly.

Then someone came into the room, took the sheets that were on the table, and made them into a ball to throw into the fire. But when he noticed that one of them had something written on it, he carefully separated it and left it in its place.

Despite the anger of the paper, in the end, it was the help of the ink that saved it from being destroyed by fire. This small difference made it stand out from the other sheets of paper and allowed it to survive.

Black ink splattered on a paper.

2. The Ugly Duckling

Mom and Dad Duck were eagerly waiting for their babies to hatch their eggs so they could meet them and start life as a happy family.

One morning, the ducklings began to stick their heads out and say hello to their parents. They were all the same, a beautiful yellow color!

But there was a bigger egg that took too long to hatch and the baby didn’t appear. Finally, a little head emerged and to everyone’s surprise, this baby was a different color and size than the rest! Because of this difference, they named him Ugly Duckling.

Everyone on the farm made fun of him, so the duckling decided to go elsewhere to find someone who would love him just the way he was.

Ugly Duckling walked through the fields and forests, escaped from the hunters who wanted to put him on their table, and endured the cold of winter, alone and very sad.

When spring came, he brightened up a bit and found a pond full of swans. Ugly Duckling looked at them in awe of such beauty and elegance.

He wanted to have friends and that loved him, so he asked the swans if he could swim with them and one answered him, “Of course, you’re just like us, you can do it.”

“I’m ugly. I don’t have your elegance and beauty,” replied the duck.

“What are you saying? Look at yourself in the water,” the swans replied.

Then, Ugly Duckling saw his reflection in the water and he found the image of a beautiful swan. He’d grown up and completely transformed into a beautiful creature. He was a swan, not a duck!

From that moment on, he joined his new family and lived very happily surrounded by their love and affection.

Two swans on the water with their heads together.

3. The animal race

On one day of the year, all the jungle animals would get together and organize a race to have a fun time together.

They were all ready at the start, each in their beautiful running shoes, when the giraffe arrived. Immediately, he began to boast that he was the tallest, the fastest, and the most elegant of all.

After a while, he looked at his friends and started making fun of them:

Ha, ha, ha! You’re very slow! I don’t know why you’re even participating,” he said to the turtle. “He, he, he. And you’re so fat!” He said to the rhinoceros.

As the animals already knew that the giraffe was a show-off, they decided to ignore him and each one continued putting on their shoes.

The fox had yellow slippers with some cool green stripes. The monkey had some with lights and sounds that were the sensation! The zebra put on her very stylish black and white striped footwear and tied the laces tightly.

But when everyone was ready, they heard someone cry inconsolably: It was the giraffe who, due to his great height, couldn’t reach his feet to tie his shoelaces.

“Who can help me?” He shouted.

You made fun of your friends because they were different. You need to understand that we’re not all the same and that you have to respect differences if you want to have friends who will gladly help you,” replied the fox.

The giraffe, embarrassed, decided to apologize for what happened and then, the ants got on his shoes and tied the laces.

Finally, everyone ran the race, and in the end, they celebrated friendship, respect, and diversity.

Light and dark-skinned hands forming a heart.

Short stories for babies off magical moments to connect

Telling stories is a habit as old as humanity itself. The stories you read to your children today will become part of their memory and their own history.

In addition to being enjoyable, the habit of reading has many benefits for children such as the following:

  • Stimulating the imagination, the senses, and creativity.
  • Instilling values, habits, new words, languages, among other concepts.
  • Helping to create a calm atmosphere that’s conducive to enjoying a magical and harmonious moment.

Whether you use them as a bedtime story or to have a fun and exciting time during the day, short stories for babies are a great opportunity to start your little ones in the habit of reading.

Finally, you should know that both these good stories, as well as your words and your gestures, will create unforgettable memories for your baby and will accompany them for the rest of their life.

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