4 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

You and your baby will be the life of the party with these 4 Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women that will leave guests terrified.
4 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women
Marcela Alejandra Caffulli

Reviewed and approved by the pediatrician Marcela Alejandra Caffulli.

Last update: 18 May, 2023

If you’re pregnant and want to leave all your guests scared to death, don’t miss these 4 Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women that will make you glow with terror. Your belly will help you to make this year’s costume unique and totally original. Are you ready to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity? Take note!

Precautions for moms on Halloween

Halloween can be a fantastic event that you can enjoy with your loved ones at home or by going out. However, during pregnancy, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best costume:

  • Clothing: Make sure you choose clothes that don’t press on your belly, that don’t press on or bother the growing baby, and that are comfortable and breathable.
  • Paint: If you’re going to paint your skin, make sure the paints are non-toxic and suitable for use during pregnancy.
  • Footwear: As podiatry experts explain, during pregnancy, legs, ankles, and feet tend to suffer from excess weight. In addition, fluid accumulation and the development of circulatory problems are common. Therefore, it’s important to wear comfortable shoes.

Our favorite Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women

We also love this time of the year. And what better way to take advantage of the fact that you’re expecting a baby than choosing a costume that can show off your belly?


Pumpkins are one of the most recognizable signs of Halloween. Therefore, you can take advantage of the roundness of your belly to make an original and perfect costume for this special night. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. Paint your belly orange and draw thin vertical lines around it. This will give a more realistic effect.
  2. Draw some eyes and a mouth typical of the Halloween jack-o-lanterns.
  3. On the upper part, you can also paint a little green to simulate the stem and leaves.

For an even more original touch, why not try painting your hair orange? There are many temporary and natural hair dyes (without harmful products) that will give the final touch to this look.

However, keep in mind that this last tip is for future moms who’ve already passed the first trimester of pregnancy. Otherwise, at this stage is when the embryo is formed and more caution should be taken. In any case, according to a study carried out by the Murcian Ministry of Health and Social Policy, the application of dyes during pregnancy seems to be safe for fetal development, but more studies are needed. Therefore, for now, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A woman with the face of a jack-o-lantern on her pregnant belly.
Painting a pumpkin on your belly is one of the original costumes to wear on Halloween night during pregnancy.

2. Mother bird

To safeguard the egg of your future offspring, this black bird costume will be the most original and terrifying. You can do it in the following way:

  1. Take advantage of the volume of your belly to simulate an egg with paint (you can make it green so that, in contrast with the black of your costume, it looks more terrifying).
  2. Make a cardboard cone with large holes for breathing and place some holes at the ends to hold a rubber band to hold the beak.
  3. Dare to add a few feathers to your black T-shirt to simulate wings.

This way, you’ll manage to create a bird that takes care of and safeguards its egg from any danger. Wonderful!

3. A jail baby, one of the best Halloween costumes for pregnant women

Orange is the most representative color of Halloween. As we’ve already mentioned, it reminds you of the color of pumpkins, one of the main protagonists of the day of the living dead.

With this tone, you can decorate your T-shirt and create a very fun and original costume for pregnant women. To do this, you just have to draw some lines on your T-shirt and, inside, make the silhouette of a child who wants to escape from the prison in your belly.

4. X-ray

A pregnant woman wearing a skeleton shirt that also shows the skelaton of a baby on her belly.
One of the most fun options for Halloween during pregnancy is to simulate an X-ray with the baby’s skeleton. Although you can buy the garment, it’ll be more fun to make it at home!

To take advantage of a very spooky image, the idea of simulating a pregnant X-ray, with the baby’s skeleton, will surely succeed. We’ll tell you how to do it, step by step:

  • Wear a black T-shirt and black pants.
  • Draw the shape of the bones on scraps of white fabric, cut them out, and sew or glue them onto the black T-shirt.
  • You can also paint directly on the T-shirt using specific white paint for textiles.

If you’re expecting a girl, you can add a bow on the head. On the other hand, if it’s a boy, you can add a bow tie to the neck. The design will look spectacular and will delight the guests!

Enjoy these Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women

Together, you and your baby will form the perfect alliance to give life to these spooky costumes. The best part? In addition to having a great time at the party, you’ll really surprise your guests with these Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women.

So, what are you waiting for to leave everyone with their mouths wide open? Let the scariest celebration of the year begin!

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